Tineco Floor One S3 vs HiZero F803 (Tineco vs HiZero Floor Cleaners)

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When it comes to electric mops and floor cleaners, many people are curious which is better when it comes to Tineco Floor One S3 vs HiZero F803. Both of these models are amazing, but HiZero is at a completely different price point. Does this necessarily make it better, or does Tineco surpass expectations and trample over the competition?

Our HiZero F803 vs Tineco Floor One S3 review will compare their brushes, suction power, water tanks, battery life, smart features, and more. By the end of this you’ll know exactly which model is right for you.

Tineco Floor One S3
HiZero F803


Both of these models are meant for cleaning on hard surfaces such as sealed wood, tile, laminate, and other such surfaces. While they both have good brushes, they are very different from each other.

The Tineco Floor One S3 brush is able to clean both wet and dry messes, and it offers fairly good edge cleaning. Not as good as the Tineco Floor One S5, but still fairly good. The brush also has a self-cleaning feature that allows you to clean the brush with one button. Simply push the button and water will be used to clean the brush.

What about the HiZero F803 brush? This uses a unique two-brush system for superior cleaning. There is the main cleaning brush that interacts with the floor itself. You’ll find that this cleans both wet and dry messes with ease, has great edge cleaning, and it quickly cleans your floor.

Then there’s the polymer cleaning roller on the inside. The polymer roller runs alongside the main brush and ensures that any crumbs, dust, food particles, and anything else is removed from the main brush. You’ll find that this provides a superior clean, and it separates dry and wet messes in the collection tank.

While both have amazing brushes, HiZero is the winner here. The two-brush system allows for a better cleaning experience, and greatly reduces the chances of you having to go over messes more than once. Tineco is great, but HiZero is the winner here.

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Tineco Floor One S3 vs HiZero F803: Suction

Some people forget to check the suction because they think all vacuums are the same. While every vacuum should pick up messes on one pass, you probably know from experience that this isn’t the case. More than that, even some new vacuums have poor suction. That’s the last thing you want to deal with.

That being said, both of these have amazing suction. In fact, they are nearly the same in terms of power. They will have no problem cleaning both dry and wet messes on hard surfaces. It’s rare to have to do a second pass unless the mess is very tough, but that’s what the water tanks are for as they power through hard messes.

Even though they are nearly identical in terms of power, HiZero F803 does still offer a better cleaning experience. This is largely due to the two-brush system. It is able to greatly reduce the chances of having to do more than one pass, and it also keeps the main brush clean.

It’s a tie in terms of power, but the superior design of HiZero makes it somewhat better in this category.

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HiZero F803 vs Tineco Floor One S3: Water Tanks

As vacuum mop combos, both of these have water tanks and they utilize two-tank technology. This is seen with many wet vacuum mops because one tank is dedicated to holding clean water with cleaning solution while the other holds debris and dirty water.

Some of the earliest vacuum mops only used one tank and this is similar to mopping with one bucket. It starts out clean, but the water gets dirty as you keep cleaning. This then means that you’re cleaning with dirty water, and that’s just terrible.

As we said, both of these have two-tank technology, so only clean water will be used on your floors. Surprisingly enough, these have the exact same water tank sizes, but in opposite order. Let’s example the tanks.

Tineco Floor One S3 Water Tank

  • Clean Tank: 20oz
  • Dirty Tank: 17oz

HiZero F803 Water Tank

  • Clean Tank: 17oz
  • Dirty Tank 20oz

There are pros and cons to each. Tineco’s system allows you to load more water and solution when cleaning. This ensures that you can clean a little bit longer without having to refill.

The HiZero system is better at separating wet and dry debris due to the polymer roller. The larger dirty tank allows it to hold more debris and wet messes before you need to empty it.

It’s hard to say which is better in terms of functionality. We can say that HiZero is designed better. While Tineco looks like a vacuum, HiZero looks like a bionic mop. They hold the tanks right against the body, which reduces the overall weight and leads to a more streamlined design.

This is functionally a tie since they have the exact same water tank sizes.

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Battery Life

Every cordless vacuum relies on battery power to ensure the vacuum can run without being plugged in. Every new cordless vacuum mop uses newer and better batteries to ensure the best possible battery life. This ensures that you can clean more of your home without stopping to recharge. Both of these are cordless models, but there is a very big difference in their battery life.

The battery life of Tineco Floor One S3 is around 35 minutes. While this can fluctuate based on the power level being used (this model allows you to switch the amount of power, and it can do so automatically for the most efficient cleaning), you will find that you get around this much time in general.

This rivals many of the other top cordless vacuums, but HiZero goes above and beyond.

The HiZero F803 battery life is 60 minutes. That’s right, you get a full hour of battery life before having to recharge. You can do your whole home and still have battery life left over. While it’s best to charge between each use, you may not need to with how good this battery is.

While both should give you enough time to finish your home, You will get significantly more use from HiZero. This is especially true if you have a larger spaces, tend to have bigger messes, or if you just don’t want to deal with stopping to recharge.

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Smart Features

Both of these have smart features, but we’re going to give the win quickly to Tineco. This has some very modern features that are usually only found with Roombas and other similar vacuums. HiZero is great as well, but it offers fewer smart features overall.

The Tineco app allows you to connect directly to your Floor One S3. This gives you comprehensive information about the vacuum. For example, it can tell you if there is anything impeding its performance, if there are any errors, and if the water tank needs to be changed. It’s a great app that will give you all the information you need.

That’s not all. You also get the iLoop cleaning sensor. The color LED screen will show you a red and blue circle. If the circle is blue, then the area is clean. If it’s red, then that means the area has dirt and needs to be cleaned. This is like a compass because it will show you exactly where dirt can be found. For example, you might see a red spot to the right of your location. Turn right and you’re sure to see some mess that needs cleaning.

While HiZero F803 smart features are lacking when compared to Tineco, you will still find a fantastic visual display that is easy to use. The display allows you to choose between different power levels, gives you information on the water tanks, and it changes color if there is a problem. If the display is red, then you should stop and see what it says. This ensures you don’t accidentally damage the vacuum.

Tineco is the big winner here because it has very modern features while HiZero only has good features. Both are good, but Tineco is better.

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What’s the Difference Between Tineco Floor One S3 and HiZero F803?

Curious about what’s the difference between HiZero F803 and Tineco Floor One S3? There are actually a lot of differences that we found while doing our review.

Our Tineco Floor One S3 review found that it is a wonderful vacuum mop, but it does have only one brush while HiZero has two. While the suction is great, the extra brush also gave HiZero the advantage. They have the same water tank sizes but in reverse, and this allows Tineco to clean more space without refilling. Tineco also had superior smart features such as the app and iLoop sensor.

Our HiZero F803 review found that it’s one of the best vacuum mops on the market, but it has a high price point that might make it unaffordable for some people. It has tremendous battery life, is one of the best for separating wet and clean debris, and has a beautiful design. It lacks some smart features, but makes up for this with all of the other smart design decisions.

Tineco Floor One S3
HiZero F803

Final Thoughts

So, which is better when it comes to Tineco Floor One S vs HiZero F803? HiZero is the definite winner with a better brush system, the ability to hold more debris, and having double the battery life. However, Tineco is more affordable and has better smart features.

So, which one do you choose? Be sure to let us know.

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