Tineco A11 Hero vs Shark Rocket (Best Cordless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floors)

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With all the cordless stick vacuums out there, you’d be hard pressed to quickly make a decision without checking out a few reviews. We understand that, and we made sure to find two of the best on the market. Our Tineco A11 Hero vs Shark Rocket review is going to help you decide on the right vacuum for your home.

Our Shark Rocket vs Tineco A11 Hero review will compare these based on their brush, suction power, dustbin, battery life, and then any other differences we can find.

Read on and find out which cordless vacuum is best for carpet, hardwood floors, and more.

Tineco A11 HeroShark Rocket


Tineco has been proving themselves as a top brand while Shark is known for their innovation and willingness to try something new.

The Tineco A11 brush works on both carpets and hard floors with ease. It can dig into carpet fibers to remove any dirt, dust, and other particles while softly cleaning hard floors without scratching them. You’ll be able to clean your whole home with ease.

The Shark Rocket brush uses the Powerfins brush. You’ve never seen a vacuum brush like this. It uses flexible silicone fins to sweep up loose dirt, dust, hair, and more. The brush looks like it would only work on hard floors, but it does an amazing job at removing dirt from carpets. Another huge benefit is that hair won’t roll around it, which is great if you have pets.

Both work fantastically. Another similarity we found with Tineco A11 vs Shark vacuum is that they both use LED lights in the vacuum head. This makes it easier to see in darker areas, like under tables or in corners.

If you want tried and true technology, then Tineco uses a brush that you’re familiar with. If you want to try something unique and highly effective, then give the Shark Powerfins brush a try.

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While both of these are powerful cordless vacuums best for cleaning your whole home, we found that Shark Rocket was the big winner here. Not only does its brush have several advantages, but the vacuum itself is much stronger. That being said, Tineco is no slouch and is good for its price.

The Tineco A11 suction power is a reasonably strong 120W. This is more than enough to clean up most messes with dirt, dust, hair, food, and so on. You should have no problem cleaning your carpets and hard floors, and you rarely have to go over an area multiple times to clean it. Overall, we were impressed with Tineco.

However, we were more impressed with Shark Rocket Pet. This vacuum has a whopping 180W of suction power. Tineco is good for most messes, but Shark can pick up tough messes, pick thick carpets clean, and works wonders around the home.

While Shark is more expensive, we think it offers better value here since the price isn’t that much higher. Tineco is good though if you want to save a few bucks.

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We were surprised about this part. Tineco doesn’t just win this area, it dominates here. It has twice the dustbin capacity of Shark. While Shark lags in this area, it still has a respectable dustbin that allows you to clean multiple rooms without having to stop.

The Shark Anti Allergen Pet Power Cordless Stick Vacuum IZ363HT dustbin offers 0.32L of space, which is pretty good. We usually see larger capacities at this price range, but it’s still fairly good. You should be able to clean your home without stopping, but those with larger spaces might need to stop once to empty the bin.

On the other hand, the Tineco Hero A11 dustbin is 0.6L, which definitely lets you clean the entire home without stopping. Many people can even vacuum two or three times before having to empty the bin.

Both dustbins easily empty into garbage cans without your hands getting in the way. Simply put them over the can, push a button to open the bin, and watch everything fall into the trash. Couldn’t be easier.

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Shark Rocket vs Tineco A11 Hero: Battery Life

This is actually fairly close. The base model of both has the same battery life, but both also offer versions with better batteries. It all comes down to which version you’re buying.

If we’re going by the base model, then both the Shark IZ363HT Rocket and Tineco A11 Hero offer 40 minutes of battery life. They both also offer different power levels so that you can maximize suction and battery power as needed.

The most popular version of Shark Rocket, the Shark Rocket Pro, offers 50 minutes of battery life. While 10 minutes may not sound like a big deal, you have to remember that vacuuming is often quick and this lets you do several extra rooms.

On the other hand, Tineco A11 Hero EX offers 80 minutes of battery life. That’s not because it has a huge battery. Rather, you get a second battery with your purchase. One battery can charge while the other is in use.

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Tineco A11 Hero vs Shark Rocket: Accessories

Both have great accessories. We think Shark is a little bit better overall, but only by a little bit. You’ll be happy with either we think, but read on to see what you get.

Both models come with crevice tools, motorized hand vacuums, and extension wands. The major difference is that Shark has an anti-allergen brush tool that removes common allergens with ease.

As we said, they are similar, but Shark’s accessories are just a tiny bit better. However, for those who have allergies to dust, hair, and dander, this extra accessory can make a world of difference.

What is the Difference Between Tineco A11 Hero and Shark Rocket?

Curious about what is the difference between Shark Rocket and Tineco A11 Hero? Our review found that there are many differences along with a few similarities.

See how A11 Hero is against other big names:

Both of these are amazing cordless vacuums that have great accessories, but they serve very different purposes.

Shark has an innovative silicone fin brush while Tineco relies on traditional brushes. Shark’s suction is significantly stronger, though Tineco does well when you consider the price. We were surprised that Tineco offered double the dustbin capacity of Shark. Though both have the same battery life with the base model, a very good 40 minutes, Shark’s 50 minute battery is a big improvement while Tineco Hero EX offers a second battery.

Tineco A11 HeroShark Rocket

Final Thoughts

So, which is better when it comes to Tineco A11 Hero vs Shark Rocket? We found that Shark was overall the better choice. While it’s more expensive, you get more power, unique features, an extra accessory, and other benefits for the price increase.

That being said, Tineco was quite good when you consider the price. It’s very good, but Shark is innovative and better.