Tineco Floor One S3 vs iFloor 3 (Best Floor Cleaner for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Home)

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Today we’re going to compare two great wet/dry vacuums: Tineco Floor One S3 vs iFloor 3. Side by side these two look nearly identical. Even their prices are similar, but Floor One S3 is usually a little more expensive. Which hardwood floor cleaner is best for your home? And better yet, which one gives you the best features?

We’re going to compare Tineco iFloor 3 vs Floor One S3 based on their brush, suction, water tanks, battery, and iLoop smart sensing technology.

Read on to find out who wins.

Tineco Floor One S3Tineco iFloor 3


You might be wondering if the brush is any different considering that Tineco Floor One S3 and iFloor 3 look almost identical. The truth is that the brush is basically the same. There are some tiny differences here and there, but not much to write about.

What we do want to talk about though is why this brush is amazing. As a hard floor cleaner, the brush is made to work on sealed wood, tile, laminate, and other hard surfaces. Unlike some other floor cleaners that only provide wet cleaning without significant suction, both of these can easily clean dry debris off the floor.

The brush also has a fantastic self-cleaning feature. Simply push a button and the vacuum will run water through the brush to clean it. This is much easier than cleaning it by hand.

It’s a tie here, but let’s keep going to see if we can find other differences.

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Tineco Floor One S3 vs iFloor 3: Suction

You want a vacuum with good suction to ensure it picks up everything off the floor. There is nothing worse than doing several passes across the floor and still having dirt and debris left there. So, are these vacuums strong enough to clean your house, or will you find yourself busting out the broom to finish the job?

The good news is that both Tineco iFloor 3 and Floor One S3 have good suction. It’s actually another tie because they offer the exact same power. Both offer 30W of suction power, which is actually quite strong for their price range. Normally you need to spend more to get this much power with a floor cleaner.

Whether you’re cleaning a spill or sucking up cereal and broken eggs, both Tineco vacuums will make short work of the mess. Plus, the self-cleaning brush will prevent the suction from being reduced during routine cleaning.

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Tineco iFloor vs Floor One S3: Water Tank

We have another tie here as both models have the exact same water tank, and the exact same two-tank technology. Don’t worry, the differences are coming up very soon, but let’s talk about what you’re getting with the water tanks here.

Both of these offer two tanks. There is a clean water tank and a dirty one. You’ll find this with the best floor cleaners because it prevents you from cleaning with dirty water. If there was only one tank, then you would be reusing dirty water on your floor, and that’s disgusting.

Instead, there is one tank dedicated to clean water and solution. The vacuum draws from this when spraying the floor. The dirty water tank is where this water goes when the vacuum sucks it up. You can easily remove both tanks to fill and empty them, respectively.

The tank sizes are the same. You get a 0.6L clean water tank and a 0.5L dirty water tank. That’s pretty good, and it prevents the vacuum from being too heavy.

So far the vacuums have been about the same, but let’s start getting into their differences so you can find out which is truly the best.

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Both of these are cordless floor cleaners, and as such they have a limited run time until they need to be recharged. Tineco has a great recharging dock that you just place the vacuum on and it will charge quickly enough. However, there is a significant difference between both batteries.

The Tineco iFloor 3 battery capacity is 300mAh with a running time of 25 minutes. That’s pretty good, especially when compared to other cordless vacuums of the same price.

The Tineco Floor One S3 battery capacity is 4000 mAh with a running time of 35 minutes. That’s a full 10 extra minutes to ensure you can thoroughly clean your whole home. If you have a bigger home or a larger mess, then those 10 minutes will be golden.

It may not seem like a significant difference, but those 10 minutes firmly push Floor One S3 by Tineco into the lead.

Don’t worry because it has other features that you won’t find with iFloor 3 by Tineco.

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iLoop and App Integration

Both vacuum floor cleaners have a wonderful LED screen that shows you the battery life, power, whether the brush is tangled, and other handy features. However, Floor One S3 is decidedly more intelligent and has more features.

Let’s start with Tineco iLoop sensor. This technology is able to detect messes and acts as a compass to show you where messes are and whether you missed anything. You’ll see red and blue lights on the sensor. Blue means that the area is clean while red indicates that a mess is nearby.

This 360-degree sensing technology will ensure that your entire home is clean. It will tell you if you missed a spot, and it will often find messes that your eyes will miss.

That’s not all. Floor One S3 has app support. The Tineco app gives you real-time information on performance, notifications, reminders about cleaning the tanks, maintenance notifications, priority tech support, and much more. It even has voice-assistance to make it even easier.

While iFloor 3 has a beautiful LED screen with lots of info, it just can’t compare to Floor One S3.

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What are the Differences Between Tineco Floor One S3 and iFloor 3?

Curious about what are the differences between Tineco iFloor 3 and Floor One S3? At first it seemed like they were exactly the same vacuum, but then we found some significant differences that firmly pushed Floor One into the top spot.

These vacuums have the same brush and basically the same suction. They also have the same water tanks and use two-tank technology to keep your floors clean.

However, Floor One S3 pulled ahead with having better battery life by an extra 10 minutes, iLoop sensing technology to find messes around your home, and app integration to give you detailed info on your vacuum.

While both of them are powerful and versatile floor cleaners that are great on hard surfaces, Floor One S3 pulls ahead with better features and technology. However, iFloor 3 is no slouch. You get many wonderful features and a good price as well.

Tineco Floor One S3Tineco iFloor 3

Final Thoughts

So, which is better? Floor One S3 is easily the better of the two. While they have many similarities, it has much better features and enhanced battery life. However, iFloor 3 has a better price (usually, sometimes Floor One goes on sale and is even more affordable), which might make it better if you want good features at a good price.

Overall we would say that most people will be happier with Floor One, but iFloor has a much more attractive price.