Tineco A11 Hero vs Pure One S11 (Which Tineco Vacuum Should I Buy?)

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Cordless stick vacuums allow you to clean the whole home without being held back by a cord. There are many amazing models to choose from, but that’s also a problem. You want to make sure you’re getting the best one. Our Tineco A11 Hero vs Pure One S11 review will show you which of these is best for your home.

Our Tineco Pure One S11 vs A11 Hero review will compare these based on their brush, suction power, dustbin capacity, battery life, and any other differences we can find.

Read on and find out which Tineco cordless stick vacuum is right for you.

Tineco A11 HeroTineco Pure One S11


We like starting with the brush as that reveals what type of floors you can use the vacuum on. Some vacuums only work on hard floors while others are ideal for carpet. Both of these have nearly identical brushes, which allows them to clean carpet and hard surfaces with ease.

While they can both do soft and hard surfaces, we did notice that the Tineco Pure One S11 brush did a better job on laminate, thicker carpets, linoleum, and several other surfaces. That being said, they can both clean all around your home with ease.

This is nearly a tie as they both clean multiple surfaces. However, we would give the win to Pure One S11 simply because it was better with most surfaces. Another benefit (which we’ll discuss further later) is the iLoop Smart Sensor. This senses dirt and shows you exactly where you still need to vacuum.

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There are pros and cons to each here. That being said, we believe that Pure One S11 Tineco is the better model here, but Tineco Hero A11 is also a fantastic vacuum with strong suction.

Both of these stick vacuums have similar levels of power. A11 Hero offers 120W of suction power while Pure One S11 offers 130W. While that’s close, it’s a noticeable difference. In a A11 vs S11 review, we noticed that S11 had an easier time picking up hard messes.

Let’s talk about adjustable suction. A11 Hero allows you to manually switch between suction from low to MAX. S11 on the other hand automatically adjusts suction without a manual setting.

If you prefer setting the suction yourself, then A11 might be better. If you prefer the vacuum to just pick the right power for you, then S11 is better.

Smart Features

This section is a huge win for the Pure One stick vacuum. While some vacuums have been slow to adopt smart features, Tineco has added app integration and advanced tech features to their models.

Unfortunately for A11 Hero, there is no app integration. It’s a standard stick cordless vacuum. That’s not necessarily bad, but it does give you fewer features overall.

Tineco S11 Pure One does have app integration along with iLoop technology. The app integration lets you check deeper into the vacuum. This lets you view details about the vacuum, how efficiently it’s cleaning, battery life, and so much more. You’ll also get alerts if anything is going wrong with the vacuum.

Another benefit is iLoop technology. This is a red and blue ring that forms along the top of the vacuum when it’s on. If you ever wanted a vacuum to tell you exactly where to clean, then you’ll love this. Blue indicates that the area is clean while red means that there is dirt and dust.

We love this feature and think it’s worth the slightly higher price of this vacuum.

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Tineco Pure One S11 vs A11 Hero: Dustbin Capacity

These stick vacuums have large dustbins, which allows them to clean multiple rooms with ease. We will say this section is a tie as both have a 600ml dustbin. Not only is it the same capacity, but both are also very easy to empty.

There is a button to open the dustbin so dirt and dust falls into a nearby garbage can. This ensures that you can get rid of debris without dirtying your hands.

While it’s a tie, we do want to stress that both of these have fantastic dustbins. You’ll have no problem vacuuming multiple rooms and still having room for more.

Tineco A11 Hero vs Pure One S11: Battery Life

This section is another tie between them. One thing you must pay attention to when getting a cordless vacuum is the battery life. You want to ensure that the battery lasts long enough to clean your whole home. Earlier cordless vacuums barely lasted 10-15 minutes, but thankfully both Tineco models here offer great battery life.

They both have the same 2500mAh battery, and they also last the same amount of time. We were surprised to see this considering that S11 is slightly stronger and has iLoop technology. Both of them last 40 minutes at most on the lowest power and 10 minutes at maximum power.

This is amazing, especially at this price range. You should have no problem cleaning the whole home before the battery runs out.

What is the Difference Between Tineco A11 Hero and Pure One S11?

Curious about what is the difference between Tineco Pure One S11 and A11 Hero? We discovered that while they are similar in many areas, S11 has many upgrades and differences that makes it the better choice.

We’re compared A11 Hero to other vacuums. Check out the other reviews here:

Both of these have basically the same brush. S11 is better and more versatile, but both are good for soft and hard floors. They have similar levels of suction, but S11 is also better here. They share the same large dustbin and the same battery life.

The major differences are with the smart features. Pure One S11 has app integration and iLoop technology. App integration gives you much more information about your vacuum, and iLoop ensures that you easily find all the dirt around you without going over clean areas again.

Tineco A11 HeroTineco Pure One S11

Final Thoughts

So, which is better in our Tineco A11 Hero vs Pure One S11 review? We found that they are similar in many ways, but Pure One S11 is the better of the two. It comes with more power, app integration, and more advanced technology.

However, A11 Hero is more affordable and you’re getting many of the same features. If you want to save money and don’t mind missing out on the advanced tech features, then A11 Hero is a great vacuum at an even better price.

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