Tineco A11 Hero vs PWRHERO 11 (Best Value Cordless Vacuum)

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Looking for a powerful cordless vacuum? Tineco has become the brand to beat, but you might be struggling to choose the model for your needs. Today our Tineco A11 Hero vs PWRHERO 11 review is going to show you which of these is right for you. Both are amazing, but one is definitely better than the other.

Our Tineco PWRHERO 11 vs A11 Hero review will compare these based on their brush, suction, dustbin capacity, battery life, and accessories. We’ll then go through any differences we can find between them.

Read on and find out which Tineco cordless vacuum is right for you.

Tineco A11 HeroTineco PWRHERO 11


When it comes to the brush, both of these are basically tied because the brush is nearly identical. That being said, we think it’s a good idea to cover this so that you know why Tineco cordless vacuum cleaners are the best.

Both the A11 Hero brush and PWRHERO11 brush have an LED light that illuminates the path in front of you. This ensures that you see any dirt, dust, or pet hair as you vacuum your home. There are several levels of power so that you can clean nearly any surface or mess. From small messes to really big piles of dirt and dust, these can do it both.

The brush is able to work on both hard and soft surfaces with ease. Some vacuums require you to change the brush for this, but these brushes are great for both surfaces.

Our Tineco A11 Hero vs Tineco PWRHERO 11 review found that the brushes are basically identical. One thing we did notice though is that A11’s construction makes it better at edge cleaning. While the brushes are the same, the vacuum itself is a little different and gives A11 a slight edge.

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Here’s another section of our Tineco A11 Hero vs PWRHERO11 review where the two are basically identical. Both of these have the same 120W of suction power. That’s more than enough to remove particles from hard floors or carpets.

Power is most important when it comes to cleaning carpets. Unless you have a really stubborn mess on hard floor, they usually clean up easily as long as the brush is moving. This power is good for carpets because it digs deep into the fibers and removes dirt and dust. You should be breathing easier with these vacuums.

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Dustbin Capacity

Next up is the dustbin, and it’s another tie. Both the PWRHERO 11 and A11 Hero feature the same 0.6L dustbin. This has extra-large capacity and is able to hold a tremendous amount of dirt and dust.

They also clean out very easily. Simply hold the dustbin over a trash can and push the open button. This will release all the debris into the trash. It couldn’t be easier. You’ll have no problem emptying the vacuum once you’re finished.

While it’s a tie, that only shows you how well Tineco makes their vacuums. They want to ensure that every model is ideal for home use.

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Tineco PWRHERO 11 vs A11 Hero: Battery Life

These vacuums have the same 2500mAh battery along with the same power modes. There is a quiet mode that preserves the battery as much as possible while adequately cleaning messes, a second mode that is much stronger and good for slightly harder messes, and then MAX mode that really ramps up the suction.

Both of these last for up to 40 minutes. This is primarily if you run it in the weakest mode as that draws least from the battery. However, they should last about 10-15 minutes even in MAX mode.

That being said, it seemed like the A11 Hero lasted a bit longer. Another benefit is that A11 Hero comes in several different versions. If you get A11 Hero EX, then it comes with an extra battery and lasts for up to 80 minutes. That’s ideal for larger spaces.

They are nearly identical and have the same battery, but A11 Hero seems to last a few minutes longer. Another benefit of both is that the battery is detachable, which makes it easy to charge them (or swap with other batteries if you have them).

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Tineco A11 Hero vs PWRHERO 11: Accessories

Unlike most of the other sections here, there are some major differences here. Not only that, but this is what makes A11 better overall. Keep in mind that we are covering the base A11 Hero model here. The other models come with even more accessories.

The Tineco A11 Hero accessories include the Power Brush for cleaning rugs, carpets, and hard floors. The Mini Power Brush is better for delicate surfaces that need more precision. You get a 2-in-1 Dusting Brush to gently clean areas around you and to remove dust. The Crevice Tool is amazing for those hard-to-reach spots where you need a little extra help.

By comparison, the Tineco PWRHERO 11 accessories only include the main Power Brush and Crevice Tool. You are missing out on about half of the accessories with this model.

That being said, it really depends on how often you’ll use these accessories. PWRHERO 11 is slightly more affordable, but only by a small amount. In general we’d say that A11 Hero is better, but if saving a few bucks is that important, then Tineco PWRHERO11 is a good choice.

What is the Difference Between Tineco A11 Hero and PWRHERO 11?

Curious about what is the difference between Tineco PWRHERO 11 and A11 Hero? As you may have noticed from our review, there are relatively few differences between them. That being said, the differences that exist make a world of difference.

See how A11 Hero stacks up against other competitors:

They both have virtually the same brush and suction, plus the dustbin capacity is identical. Both have a 2500mAh battery and last up to 40 minutes. While the battery is the same, A11 Hero seems to work better at higher powers.

The major difference between them is their accessories. A11 Hero comes with twice the accessories, which ensures that you can clean all over your home without the vacuum impeding you. That being said, PWRHERO 11 is slightly more affordable, but by such a small amount that you’re getting more value from A11 Hero.

Tineco A11 HeroTineco PWRHERO 11

Final Thoughts

So, which is best when it comes to A11 vs PWRHERO11? PWRHERO 11 is a little more affordable and a good way to save some money, but A11 Hero is the better vacuum. You get more accessories, slightly better battery life, and is just better overall. Both are great, but A11 is the better model.

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