Tineco A11 Hero vs Dyson V11 (Best Vacuum for Cordless Cleaning)

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The cordless stick vacuum market is vast, so there are many brands and models to choose from. Today we’re looking at two premier models. Our Tineco A11 Hero vs Dyson V11 review will show you which of these cordless vacuums is best for your home or apartment.

Our Dyson V11 vs Tineco A11 Hero review will compare these based on brush, suction, dustbin capacity, battery life, and any other differences we can find.

Read on to find out which vacuum is best for cordless cleaning.

Tineco A11 HeroDyson V11 Vacuum


You want to ensure that the vacuum of your choice is able to clean your home. We’ve reviewed many models here, and you might be surprised to know that some floor cleaners and vacuums are only able to work on carpet or hard floors.

The good news here is that both models are able to do both. They can clean both carpets and hard floors with ease, which ensures you can do the whole home without any concerns.

At the same time, we can’t say that these brushes are equal.

Tineco’s brush is highly versatile and the vacuum head has LED lights so you can easily see in corners, edges, and under dark spaces (like beds, tables, and sofas).

The Dyson V11 brush is extremely powerful. It’s made from stiff nylon bristles that dive right into carpet fibers to dislodge dirt and other particles. Anti-static carbon fiber in the brush captures dust and loose particles from the air while cleaning on hard floors.

While the Tineco brush is great, the Dyson brush is much more sophisticated and wins this battle.

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Which cordless vacuum is best for high suction? We compared these and found that they are very different. While Tineco is good considering its price, Dyson easily wins here on several different levels.

Tineco A11 Hero delivers 120W of suction power. When considering its price and other similar models, this is actually very good. You’ll have no problem sucking up dirt, dust, and most other particles. Not only that, but this vacuum lasts a long time before losing suction.

That being said, Dyson is a highly sophisticated brand and does things much differently. Traditionally we would simply compare the watts as that determines the suction power. Dyson V11 has 185W of suction, which is amazing and makes it one of the best in the market.

However, Dyson does more than that. They use Radial Root Cyclone technology. These are small funnels that produce more power and prevent the vacuum from losing suction. This makes it even stronger than the 185W would suggest.

Both of these are great. Dyson is the winner overall, but Tineco is good and it’s at a better price.

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Dustbin Capacity

Cordless vacuum almost always have dustbins that you can empty right after you’re finished vacuuming. You want to pay attention to both the capacity and emptying mechanism. Once again, Dyson V11 is the superior model, though Tineco is good as well.

Tineco A11 Hero has a bin capacity of 0.6L, which allows it to hold a large amount of dust, dirt, dander, and other common particles. Not only that, but it’s easy to clean. Just hold it over a trash can, push the release button, and the particles fall right into the can.

However, Dyson V11 Torque, Animal, and all other V11 models do this even better.

The Dyson V11 bin capacity is higher at 0.75L, which allows it to hold significantly more dirt and dust. The release mechanism shoots the dustbin outwards. This means that the debris falls right into the call without your fingers being anywhere near it.

While Dyson’s bin is better than Tineco, we can’t say that Tineco is bad. It’s simply outclassed here.

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Dyson V11 vs Tineco A11 Hero: Battery Life

We almost feel bad saying it again. Tineco A11 battery life is good, but Dyson is much better. Not only that, but it’s a little easier to get the right suction with Dyson. That being said, the battery life on both is quite good.

Cordless vacuums don’t plug in, so they must rely on a battery for their power. You want to ensure that the battery lasts long enough so that you can clean your whole home. Both of these accomplish that, but Dyson does it better.

Tineco A11 offers 40 minutes of vacuuming at the lowest power setting. You also get three different power settings. You can switch between these on the control panel. This should be enough to get your whole house done and with time to spare.

Dyson V11 battery life is up to 60 minutes, and it does better at higher power settings. There are also three power settings, but the major difference is that the vacuum can automatically change power to fit the situation. This makes sure it doesn’t use too much or too little power. You can get your home done without any problem at all.

Even the Dyson wall charger is better. Simply drop the vacuum in and it starts charging. Tineco is nearly as easy, but it’s just a tiny bit harder to get the vacuum in the charger.

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Tineco A11 Hero vs Dyson V11: Accessories

One area where these two are basically tied is with their accessories. Both come with robust accessories, which ensures that you can easily clean all areas of your home. These accessories give you the power to clean areas that a regular vacuum head can’t go.

You get a motorized tool, crevice tool, small brush, and more. While the Dyson accessories are a little easier to attach and feel more satisfying, we will say that the accessories you get are similar between the two.

Both of these ensure that you can clean the whole home (along with edges, between couch cushions, your car, etc) with ease.

What is the Difference Between Tineco A11 Hero and Dyson V11?

Curious about what is the difference Dyson V11 and Tineco A11 Hero? Even though they look fairly similar, there are many differences and Dyson emerged as the overall winner. However, Tineco is about a third of the price, so it will be better for those who want to save money while still getting a great vacuum.

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Dyson V11 definitely cleaned house here. The brush is better with its more sophisticated design, and the suction is both stronger and more advanced with cyclonic action. The Dyson dustbin isn’t just bigger. It also is easier to clean and your hands won’t be anywhere near the debris. Even the Dyson battery is better, plus it can sense the most appropriate suction level.

The only place where they tied was with accessories. Both offer similar accessories. The Dyson ones feel better, but they are otherwise similar.

Tineco A11 HeroDyson V11 Vacuum

Final Thoughts

So, which is better in our Tineco A11 Hero vs Dyson V11 review? Tineco put up a good fight and it’s punching above its weight class in terms of price, but Dyson is the real winner here. It’s better in nearly every way.

That being said, those who want to save money will be happy with A11 Hero. It’s a strong vacuum for the price, but it’s not a top-tier cordless vacuum like V11 Dyson.

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