Bissell Jetscrub vs Crosswave (Best Floor Cleaner for Tile and More)

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Whether you’re looking for the best Bissell for tile floors, pet stains, or carpeting, there are probably two models that keep coming up. The truth is that this brand creates many amazing floor cleaners and vacuums and choosing the right one can be difficult. Our Bissell Jetscrub vs Crosswave review is going to look at two of their most popular models to see which one is right for your apartment or home.

Our Bissell Crosswave vs Jetscrub review will compare these based on their brush, suction, water tank, special features, and any differences that we can find.

It really depends on which Crosswave you’re comparing Jetscrub to. If it’s against the original Crosswave, then Jetscrub is better and at the same price. If you’re looking at Crosswave Pet Pro or X7 though,  then those are both better than Jetscrub as they offer more power and features.

Bissell JetscrubBissell Crosswave

Best Bissell Crosswave

We will mostly be looking at the original Crosswave here because it’s about the same price as the Jetscrub, and that would make the fairest fight. However, you might be coming here to see how it compares against Pet Pro, Max, or X7 Pro as these are all great models as well.

So what is the difference between the Bissell Crosswaves? In many ways the standard and Pet Pro models are similar, but Pet Pro has a better brush that was made for pet hair. It’s also a little stronger and more versatile.

Crosswave Cordless Max is similar to the standard model in terms of power, but it’s completely wireless and also includes a self-cleaning cycle. The Crosswave Cordless X7 Pro is similar to Pet Pro, but it’s also wireless and features more power.

Keep these models in mind while going through our review. You might find that even though the standard model doesn’t work out for your needs, maybe one of the upgraded ones well.

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Bissell Crosswave vs Bissell Jetscrub: Brush

These are both multi-surface carpet cleaners, which means that they’re like a vacuum and mop combined. We have to say they function a little more like a mop if we had to choose, but they can vacuum up dry debris as well. Both brushes are good, but we found that Jetscrub had a superior brush that was better with carpets.

How is the brush with Bissell Jetscrub? This floor cleaner comes with the XL Dirtlifter Powerbrush. It has 10 rows of stiff bristles that can clean both hard floors and carpeting. LED lights have been included to make it easier to see under tables and beds, and both the brush and nozzle are removable to make them easier to clean.

How is the brush with Bissell Crosswave? This uses a nylon and microfiber brush that does a great job on hard floors. While it can also clean carpeting, it’s not going to dig into the fibers quite as well as Jetscrub can.

Overall we have to say that Jetscrub is better, especially if you have carpeting. If you have very sensitive hard floors though, then we would say the Crosswave might be better as it’s gentler when it cleans.

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Bissell Crosswave vs Jetscrub: Suction

The suction between both of these carpet cleaners is relatively equal, but we found that one was able to perform better mostly due to its brush design. While you can clean dry debris with these, keep in mind that they’re meant for wet messes and it’s more common to use the wet cleaning from the water tanks.

Even though the suction and motor RPM are about the same for both of these models, when it comes to Bissell Jetscrub vs Bissell Crosswave, we found that Jetscrub work better because it’s brush did a far better job at working through carpet fibers and removing dirt.

Not only that, but the bristles are better at working on tough messes and picking up heavier dry debris than the nylon brush for the Crosswave.

Both are good at picking up a variety of messes. Crosswave loses here because its brush isn’t quite as powerful.

Bissell JetscrubBissell Crosswave

Bissell Jetscrub vs Bissell Crosswave: Water Tank

The water tanks here are responsible for holding both water and cleaning solution to bust through tough stains. Both of these Bissell carpet cleaners use two-tank technology, which means that one holds clean water that’s used on floors, while the other holds dirty water and keeps it separate.

What is the Bissell Jetscrub water tank capacity? We found that this water tank is about half a gallon, which translates to about 64oz. You’ll have no problem cleaning multiple rooms or even your entire home with this.

What is the Bissell Crosswave water tank capacity? While the water tank here is good, it’s less than half the size of the other model. This water tank is about 28oz in size. You might be able to clean smaller homes without refilling, but this is better for just doing a few rooms.

Both are good and it really depends on how much space you need to clean, but Jetscrub is obviously the better one here with a larger water tank.

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Bissell Jetscrub vs Crosswave: Special Features

In terms of special features, it’s a major win for Jetscrub. Crosswave is definitely a great floor cleaner, but it’s a fairly standard model that doesn’t have many special features. Well we can say that it’s lightweight at less than 12 pounds and has swivel steering, that’s about all it offers. Jetscrub offers much more.

This model features a pretreater that can squirt tough messes and make them much easier to clean. It also has a very lightweight design at just 13 pounds, which anyone should be able to lift. Express Clean Mode uses less water to ensure that the surface dries in just 30 minutes.

That’s not at all. It has intuitive controls that you can activate with a simple push. The collapsible handle makes this easier to store and carry, and the LED headlights ensure that you can see every area of your home so that you don’t miss anything when cleaning.

While there’s nothing wrong with a basic or standard model, you’re getting much more with Jetscrub at a very similar price.

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What is the Difference Between Bissell Jetscrub and Crosswave?

Curious about what is the difference between Bissell Crosswave and Jetscrub? Both of these are excellent floor cleaners, but we found a fair number of differences and overall would say that Jetscrub is the newer and more sophisticated model, yet comes at about the same price.

While both have great brushes, and while Crosswave is a little better with very sensitive hard floors, Jetscrub has a superior brush as it does better on carpets and hard stains. It also helps it suck up more dry and wet messes, though Crosswave does a fair job as well.

Jetscrub also has a water tank that’s nearly twice as large as Crosswave’s, and it includes a pretreater for those really tough messes. It has other special features such as a collapsible handle, LED headlights, and a very intuitive control panel.

Bissell JetscrubBissell Crosswave

Final Thoughts

Should you get Bissell Jetscrub or Crosswave? There’s a large following that loves Crosswave and it’s currently one of the most popular floor cleaners you can find. This makes sense because it’s at an affordable price, has many great features, and does wonderful on both carpeting and hard floors.

That being said, Jetscrub floor cleaner is a newer model at nearly the same price, but comes with far better features. Some of the other upgraded Crosswaves outdo it, but the standard one just doesn’t compare.