Bissell Jetscrub vs ProHeat (Best Floor Cleaner for Pets)

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If you’re looking for the best pet vacuum for hardwood and carpet, then many of Bissell’s offerings will be to your liking. As a well-known brand that has been around for many years, there are many different vacuums that you can choose from. Our Bissell Jetscrub vs ProHeat review we’ll compare these head to head to see which one is best for you.

Our Bissell ProHeat vs Jetscrub review will compare these based on brush, suction, water tanks, special features, and then any other difference that we can find.

We would say that these are both the best pet vacuum for urine and other messes as well, but the overall winner would have to be Bissell ProHeat. It offers a few more features and is a little more useful around the home. That being said, Jetscrub has some unique features that will make it better for many users, and it has a slightly better price tag as well.

Bissell JetscrubBissell ProHeat x2 Revolution

Bissell ProHeat vs Bissell Jetscrub: Brush

Both of these vacuum floor cleaners share similar brushes along with many features. We found that Jetscrub had better features with its brush. That being said, ProHeat has a better brush with features you’re sure to love.

The Bissell Jetscrub carpet washer brush uses an XL DirtLifter Powerbrush with 10 rows of bristles. This ensures it digs through carpet fibers to dislodge dirt and other stains. There is also a pretreater so that you can spray tough messes to make them easier to clean.

You’ll find that the vacuum head includes LED lights so that you can easily see under beds, around dark corners, or anywhere else that is otherwise hard to see. Both the brush roll and nozzle are removable, making them easier to clean.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Fresh uses 12 rows of rotating bristles and its proprietary dual Dirtlifter Powerbrush. This can dig even deeper into carpets to remove difficult stains and messes. Not only does it give you a professional cleaning, but it also includes a pretreater so that you can spray messes that need a little more time to clean.

Unfortunately the nozzle and brush roll are not removable, but the EZ brush roll cover is removable. You’ll find that this is easy to clean, and you can access the brush roll to clean it as well if needed.

As you can see, both of these brushes are amazing. Bissell ProHeat has a stronger brush with more rows of bristles, but Jetscrub includes LED lights, a removable brush roll, and removable nozzle so that it’s easy to clean in general.

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Bissell ProHeat vs Jetscrub: Suction

The suction is fairly similar between these two. They work on the exact same surfaces, and basically have the same amount of power. We would say that Bissell ProHeat 2x is somewhat better. This isn’t so much because of the motor, but because the brush is better.

Both of these floor cleaners are intended for hard floors, sealed floors like sealed wood, rugs, low-pile carpets, and medium carpets. We heard of some people using these on thicker rugs as well, but they may not work quite as good there.

In general, we should say that these work on most surfaces in your home. Both of these vacuums are able to pick up both wet and dry messes, plus they have enough power to get through tough stains and big messes.

You’ll find that both of these vacuums have an Express Cleaning Mode. This uses less water and the carpet will dry in 30 minutes or less. Jetscrub does not heat the water at all, but does Bissell ProHeat 2X heat the water? It uses Bissell Heatwave technology.

Heatwave technology doesn’t mean that it heats the water, but instead it directs the heat from the motor towards the water and ground. This warms the water so that it can bust through tough stains.

Because of the heating, we have to say that ProHeat is better than Jetscrub in this regard. At the same time, Jetscrub is quite good and will be able to get through most messes. You only see a major difference on the really, really tough messes. In that case, we think that ProHeat would do substantially better.

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Bissell Jetscrub vs Bissell ProHeat: Water Tanks

Unlike any of the other sections here where both carpet cleaners are nearly tied, there’s a significant difference here. Both the Bissell Jetscrub carpet cleaner and Bissell ProHeat 2X carpet cleaner have water tanks. The difference though is there sizes.

How much water can Bissell Jetscrub hold? This carpet cleaner has a water tank capacity of half a gallon. it’s actually quite good and you should have no problem cleaning several rooms or your entire home without having to stop.

How much water can Bissell ProHeat hold? The water tank here has double the capacity it can hold one gallon. You’ll have no problem cleaning all the carpets and hard floors in your home with this one.

Both of them also have a dirty tank that will suck in all the dirty and used water. This prevents it from being used on the carpet again. Another similarity is that both of these models have a pretreater that can squirt tough messages with a cleaning solution. Just give it a little while to set, and you’ll find that even difficult messes are much easier to clean.

If you only intended cleaning a few rooms, then both of these are fairly similar. If you have a lot of carpeting and you want to clean the entire home though, then ProHeat will go much further than Jetscrub.

Bissell JetscrubBissell ProHeat x2 Revolution

Bissell Jetscrub vs ProHeat: Special Features

Both of these floor cleaners come with several different facial features. Since they are made by the same brand, some of the special features are shared, but each model has their own unique features as well. We’re going to cover the shared features first, then we’ll go into the unique features of each.

In terms of Bissell ProHeat 2X vs Bissell Jetscrub, we found that the shared special features include a pretreater for tough messes, lightweight designs, Express clean mode that ensures your floor’s dry and 30 minutes or less, removable parts, and intuitive controls.

What special features do you get with Bissell Jetscrub? Even though both vacuums are lightweight, this one is much lighter at 13 lb. It also includes a removable brush and nozzle, and LED headlights on the vacuum head. The electronic fingertip controls are even more intuitive, and this vacuum is easier to move around in store because the handle can collapse down word.

What special features do you get Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution pet Pro? This vacuum is also lightweight at 18 lb, which should be easy for most people to carry around. The Heatwave technology ensures that the water is warmed up for tough stains. While you cannot remove the brush roll or nozzle, you can remove the brush cover to clean it in to easily access the brush roll as well. It also comes with two special tools. You get the 3 in tough stain tool, in the two-in-one upholstery cleaning tool.

So which one is better? We think that Jetscrub is a little more intuitive with the lighter design, better controls, an enhanced storage. At the same time, ProHeat is more versatile because it comes with extra tools, Heatwave technology, and it’s lightweight enough for most people to move around easily.

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What is the Difference Between Bissell Jetscrub and ProHeat?

Curious about what is the difference between Bissell ProHeat and Jetscrub? They look very similar, and at the most basic level even perform similarly. At the same time, we found that there were numerous differences between them after we explored each section individually.

They have similar brushes, but Jetscrub includes a removable brush roll while ProHeat has a more advanced brush that can get through carpeting a little bit better. Due to this, ProHeat also had better suction end cleaning capabilities, but Jetscrub was a very close second place here.

Both have great water tanks, but Jetscrub’s is half the size at half a gallon while ProHeat includes a very large one gallon water tank. Jetscrub is lighter, you can remove both the brush and nozzle, and the handle can collapse freezer storage. ProHeat though uses Heatwave technology to slightly warm the water, and it comes with extra tools to make it a little more versatile.

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Final Thoughts

Should you buy Bissell Jetscrub or ProHeat? The truth is the both of these are great models, and they’re very similar. If it comes down to price, Jetscrub is a little more affordable, but only by a little bit. You have to consider your priorities.

Jetscrub is lighter, more intuitive, easier to store, it has more removable parts so that you can easily clean them. It also has LED lights in the cleaner head. ProHeat though can warn the water, comes with extra tools, and the brush is better on carpeting. Consider what you really want out of your Bissell carpet cleaner, and this will let you know which one is right for you. 

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