Tineco Floor One S5 vs Bissell Crosswave x7 (Best WiFi Vacuum Mop Combo)

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Finding the right WiFi vacuum for your home can be tough as there are dozens of options to choose from. While many of them are powerful, you want to make sure you’re getting the one that matches your needs. Our Tineco Floor One S5 vs Bissell Crosswave X7 review will compare these two to show you which is best for your home or apartment.

Our Bissell Crosswave X7 vs Tineco Floor One S5 review will compare these based on brush, suction, water, battery life, app integration, and any other differences we find.

In general, we found that Bissell is more versatile as it works on both carpet and hard floors, but Tineco offers larger water tanks and better software.

Tineco Floor One S5Bissell Crosswave X7


Both offer fantastic brushes that are able to clean both dry and wet messes. That being said, Bissell Crosswave x7 brush is more versatile while Tineco Floor One S5 brush is better at edge cleaning.

The Tineco S5 brush is able to easily pick up dry messes while also mopping up wet messes with the water tanks. One of the best things about this brush is that it’s offset to the side. This allows it to go right to the edge so you can easily clean edges, under counters, and more.

While the brush is fantastic on hard surfaces, it wasn’t made for carpets and rugs. Those who primarily have hard floors may not mind this, but it can be a problem if you have lots of carpeting. That being said, it functions well on most hard surfaces like sealed wood, tile, laminate, and more.

Bissell Crosswave 7 also has a great brush that was made for both wet and dry messes. This brush was made to dig into carpet fibers as it works on both carpets and hard floors. You’ll find this makes it more versatile. At the same time, it does lose some performance on hard floors when compared to Tineco.

One feature you’ll love is that they both have self-cleaning brushes. Just put it in the charging port and start the self-cleaning cycle. You’ll never have to touch the brush to clean it, and it really gets in there to clean the brush.

Those with hard floors will prefer Tineco as it’s really made for these surfaces, but those with carpeting might prefer Bissell.

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It’s nearly a tie here as both have nearly the same suction. While Tineco is stronger, it’s a little confusing as suction matters more with carpeting than with hard floors. That being said, both are quite good and are more than powerful enough to clean carpets or hard floors.

Tineco Floor One S5 offers 30W with the standard model. Some models, such as the Tineco Floor One S5 Combo, offer 25W. This is because it comes with a handheld vacuum cleaner, but we suggest checking out our Tineco Floor One S3 vs S5 review if you want more info about that.

Bissell Crosswave X7 offers 25W of suction power. While this isn’t as much as Tineco, it should be more than enough to dig through your carpet and dislodge any dirt, dust, or other particles.

Tineco is the winner here as it offers more power. While power is often needed more with carpets than hard floors, it’s good to know that Tineco is strong enough to pick up any debris or mop through tough stains.

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Water Tanks

Both of these are carpet cleaners that utilize both wet and dry cleaning. We can say that both use two-tank technology, which is essential for true cleaning. This means you have one clean water tank (for both water and cleaning solution) and a dirty water tank that contains all the yucky stuff from your floor.

The major difference between them is the water tank size. When it comes to Tineco S5 vs Bissell Crosswave, we found that Tineco has both a larger clean and dirty water tank.

Tineco S5 has a 0.8L clean water tank and 0.7L dirty water tank. Compare that with the Bissell X7 0.5L clean water tank and 0.4L dirty water tank. Tineco has significantly larger water tanks, and this will allow you to clean at least another few rooms with ease.

While neither of these models feature a warming function or steam cleaning, you can upgrade your purchase with the Tineco Floor One S5 Steamer. This is similar to the standar S5, but with steam cleaning and other useful functions. We suggest you check it out if you want the strong, sanitizing power of steam.

That aside, while both are good, you can clean much more space with Tineco vs Bissell. While Bissell is fine for most spaces, those who want to clean longer and without refilling the tank will prefer Tineco.

Tineco Floor One S5Bissell Crosswave X7

Bissell Crosswave X7 vs Tineco Floor One S5: Battery Life

Since these are both wireless wet dry vacuums, they must run on an internal battery. Cordless vacuums have come a long way and last long enough to clean your entire home. That being said, is there a difference here between Bissell Crosswave or Tineco Floor One S5? There is, but it’s a small one.

Tineco Floor One S5 has a battery life of 35 minutes while Bissell Crosswave X7 has a battery life of 30 minutes. This depends on the power setting though, so keep in mind that high-power or automatic power with dirty surroundings might reduce the overall battery life.

While there is a difference, we found that both last enough to easily clean your home or apartment. Most people will be able to clean everything and have time to spare. If you have a larger home though, then those extra 5 minutes with Tineco might be essential.

Tineco wins here, but it’s only by a small margin.

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Tineco Floor One S5 vs Bissell Crosswave X7: Software

Both of these are smart vacuums that include both WiFi, app integration, and software features. It seems like your phone is being used to control more and more appliances, and it won’t be long before you see why a smart vacuum cleaner is such a good idea. That being said, Tineco offers a powerful system that Bissell lacks.

You’ll find that both offer app integration. They have their own dedicated app that quickly connects to your specific vacuum. The instructions are simple and it should only take a minute or two to pair your phone and vacuum.

Why use a vacuum app? These apps give you detailed information about your vacuum. You’ll know when there’s a clog, when the brush needs to be cleaned, if there are errors or problems, and when accessories and cleaners need to be ordered. Another bonus is that you’ll get notifications about when the vacuum is finished charging.

While you get this with both, Tineco S5 offers something you don’t get with Crosswave. Tineco has iLoop technology. The is a bright LED compass that lights up blue and red. Blue indicates the area is clean while red means there’s dirt and particles that need to be sucked up. Your home will be cleaner than ever with this dirt detection system.

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What is the Difference Between Tineco Floor One S5 and Bissell Crosswave X7?

Curious about what is the difference between Bissell Crosswave X7 and Tineco Floor One S5? Both are extremely powerful wireless smart vacuums, but we were able to discover many differences between them. The right one really depends on what features you’re looking for and if you primarily have carpets or hard floors.

We preferred Bissell in terms of versatility as it can clean both carpets and hard floors. It’s also great against pet hair. That being said, Tineco specialized in hard floors and performed better on them. Both have excellent suction, though Tineo proved to be stronger, and Tineco also had slightly better battery life.

You get water tanks with both to bust through tough stains. While you can easily clean several rooms or the entire home, Tineco had significantly larger water tanks. Then there’s the software. Both come with app integration. This allows you to get detailed information about your vacuum cleaner. However, Tineco has the iLoop dirt detection system. This gave it an edge and we have loved this system.

Tineco Floor One S5Bissell Crosswave X7

Final Thoughts

So, which is better? In general we’d have to go with Tineco S5 as it won most categories. However, Bissell is definitely powerful and more versatile because it works on rugs and carpets along with hard floors.