Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs Crosswave (Which Vacuum Mop is Best?)

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The Bissell Crosswave series is highly versatile as it vacuums and mops at the same time. Whether you need to vacuum hard surfaces, wash carpets, or clean under furniture, Crosswave vacuums are there for you. There are numerous entries in this series, and you might be wondering which is best between Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs Crosswave.

We’re going to compare Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro based on their brushes, suction, water tank, weight, cord length, and overall differences.

Read on to see which Crosswave by Bissell is best for you.

Bissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro


One of the most important aspects of any vacuum is the brush. It needs to simultaneously pick up debris, reach deep into carpet fibers, be gentle on hard surfaces, and (in this case) be wet enough to mop without soaking your floor.

Both the Pet Pro Crosswave and regular Crosswave excel in these areas. However, there is a major difference between these two. It is actually one of the biggest differences between them.

The standard Crosswave has a Dual Action Brush Roll. It mops away pesky stains and cleans up debris from hard floors and surfaces. It’s a wonderful brush that works on most surfaces, plus it picks up a lot of debris.

The Bissell Pet Pro Crosswave has a Tangle-Free Brush Roll that’s been tested on pet hair up to 8 inches long (which should be more than enough for most pets). This brush is just as good as the Dual Action Brush Roll, but it prevents hair from tangling around the roll.

If you have pets, then the Pet Pro is an absolute must, especially if they have longer hair. If you don’t, then they are fairly equal.

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Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro: Suction

This section is pretty much a tie. Pet Pro wins in some ways, but once again, it depends most if you have pets.

Bissell in general has a reputation for being strong and having good suction. Whether you’re getting their most affordable model or something Wi-Fi enabled (like Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max), you can be sure that it picks up most debris.

In general, these models are nearly the same. They both include the same 3000 RPM motor that ensures the brush rotates quickly without missing a single crumb on the floor. Also, they work well on most surfaces and are simple to clean. This ensures that you can remove anything that might reduce or block the suction.

While they are virtually identical, Pet Pro is slightly better. This is largely due to the brush. The regular Crosswave has a higher tendency to have hair (pet or human) get caught in the brush. This isn’t an issue with Pet Pro. Too much hair can reduce overall suction.

That being said, you won’t notice a huge difference if hair isn’t an issue. That’s why we consider this a tie overall, but pet owners will likely notice a difference in the suction, especially with long-haired cats and dogs.

Bissell Pet Pro vs Crosswave: Water Tank

Just like when we reviewed the Bissell ProHeat series, we wanted to look at the water tank to see if there were any differences.

These are both carpet cleaners, and combination vacuums and mops. Whether you need wet or dry cleaning, they do both and it’s easy to switch between them. Simply push a button on the control panel and you’ll be mopping or vacuuming in no time.

So, is there a difference between the water tanks? Honestly, no, they are exactly the same.

Both models come with two tank technology. One tank is for the water and cleaner solution while the other tank is for dirty water. This keeps them separate, ensuring that only clean water is used to clean your carpets and other surfaces.

They each have a clean water tank of 28oz and a dirty water tank of 14.5oz. You can use either water or a water and cleaner solution in the clean tank. A solution is better, and the Bissell Crosswave cleaners are made for wood floors, rugs, pet stains, and more.

It’s another tie between them.

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Weight and Cord Length

Be prepared for another tie. Both Pet Pro and Crosswave are exactly the same. Still, we’re going to cover this section so that you know what you’re getting.

Both the Crosswave and Pet Pro are lightweight at 11.5lbs. This means you can really get behind the swivel steering and move them anywhere with ease. Plus, you can carry this upstairs and downstairs without noticing it.

The cord length is equally good at 25 feet. This should be enough to clean a large space without having to move the cord. Vacuuming and mopping the whole house will be a breeze.

What is the Difference Between the Bissell Crosswave and the Crosswave Pet Pro?

Want to know what is the difference between the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro and the Crosswave? We can’t blame you, they seem nearly identical in so many ways, but there is one very big difference between them.

Find out how Crosswave does against other competitors:

The brush roll is completely different, and it really makes a huge difference between them. While the standard Crosswave Bissell is great, you’re going to want the Pet Pro Bissell Crosswave if you have pets. The brush is tangle-free for pet hair up to 8 inches long.

There’s another difference as well that makes Pet Pro better. It has a pet hair strainer. This works regardless of wet or dry cleaning. The strainer keeps pet hair separate from other debris so that it’s easier to remove.

If you have pets, then you really should consider Pet Pro. If you don’t, then Crosswave might be better because it’s virtually the same vacuum cleaner, but at a better price.

Bissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro

Final Thoughts

So, who wins when it comes to Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs Crosswave? It all depends on whether you have pets or not (or if hair happens to be an issue in your household). If you do, then Pet Pro is the superior choice. The enhanced brush resists tangling, and the pet hair strainer makes it easy to remove hair and toss it in the garbage.

If you don’t have pets, then Crosswave might be better. As you saw above, they are identical in nearly every other way. This means you’re getting a fantastic vacuum and mop combo, but at a better price.

So, which do you choose? Be sure to let us know.

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