Nicebay Cordless Vacuum Reviews: Read Before You Buy

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As far as cordless vacuums go, there are hundreds of models to choose from. One model that has recently captured everyone’s attention is the Nicebay Cordless Vacuum. Our Nicebay cordless vacuum review i’s going to see if this is any good, and if it’s worth buying.

Our Nicebay cordless vacuum cleaner review is going to check the brush, suction, dustbin capacity, battery, special features, and anything else we can find.

Despite its low price, this cordless vacuum has many fine advantages and new features that you typically only find with premium cordless vacuums, like dirt detection and a very long battery life.


Nicebay vacuums have an upgraded V-shaped roller brush. This is similar to roller brushes found in premium models like the Dyson, and it works with many different floor types. It can be used on both hard floors, such as wood and tile, along with carpeting and rugs.

Not only does it work well on those floor types, but it’s also great picking up pet hair along with other dry debris. The vacuum head even has an LED light so that you can easily see dark corners, under sofas, and any other areas with limited visibility.

The brushroll is unlikely to tangle because it works very well with both pet hair and human hair, and we found that he was able to easily pick up dry debris. This is a surprisingly good brushroll, especially when you consider the low price of his quit was vacuuming.


You might expect an entry-level cordless vacuum like the Nicebay vacuum to have weak suction, but that’s not true. This rivals some of the top vacuums, and it comes at a fraction of their price.

Our Nicebay cordless review found this vacuum can stably output 280W of power. This makes it very good for picking up dry messes, and it’s more than powerful enough to pick through carpet fibers and get out dirt, dust, and anything else that might be hiding there.

If there’s any disadvantage we could bring up, and we feel we have to because this vacuum is so good, is that it’s only able to pick up dry debris. Many of our other vacuum and floor cleaner reviews have models that can clean both wet and dry messes. Check out our Tineco reviews for more information.

We were also surprised to say that this vacuum has a dirt detection system. It’s a red and blue ring around the control panel that shows you exactly where dust is. Red indicates that dust is nearby, and that’s where you should focus your efforts. This means you’ll have an even easier time cleaning your home.

If you want a strong cordless vacuum that is affordable, then this is definitely it.

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Dustbin Capacity

A cordless vacuum with a small dustbin can be inconvenient as this means that you’ll have to frequently stop to empty it. Thankfully, that’s not the case with a Nicebay 4-in-1 Vacuum. This actually has a fairly large dustbin, which makes it easy to clean multiple rooms before you have to empty it.

The Nicebay dustbin has a capacity of 0.8L, or 27 oz. It’s easy to empty as you simply push a button and a hatch opens so the dust can fall out. You only need a few seconds to empty the dustbin without touching the contents inside.

You should also know that Nicebay uses a powerful filtration system to keep dust and other particles safely locked within the vacuum. It uses a cyclone separation system along with a high density filter that prevents secondary air pollution.

We have to say that once again this is a surprisingly good vacuum when you consider the price. You should have no problem doing all your cleaning without having to stop to empty the dustbin. 

Battery Life

The battery life for this vacuum is actually incredibly good even when compared to vacuums of higher prices. While there are a few things you should know about battery life estimates, we still have to say that the battery here is very good.

What is the Nicebay Cordless Vacuum battery life? You can expect the battery to last about 55 minutes when put in the lowest power setting. This might also be achievable if you’re using the auto setting and we need to do light cleaning. However, keep in mind that higher power settings will consume more battery life.

Charging is simple with a wall mount, and you can hang up a vacuum when you’re finished cleaning. This keeps it out of the way while also making it easy to grab whenever there’s a mess.

If you find that one battery isn’t enough and you’re running out of power, then you can always buy a second battery so you can swap between the two. You might need this if you commonly find that you need to do heavier cleaning or have a lot of space to clean. If you’re only cleaning a few rooms and there isn’t that much of a mess, then one battery should be enough.

Special Features

This comes with a surprising amount of features considering its price. As we were saying before, this rivals many of the top brands that you’ll find.

It comes with a digital touch screen that you can use to change the power setting, see the remaining battery life, check the dirt detection system, and much more. The control panel is very simple to use and also very intuitive.

This has a 4-in-1 configuration that allows you to change the hose length and brush head. It comes with several different brushes that makes it good for stairs, sofas, walls, and much more.

The flexible hose makes it simple to clean under sofas or beds without ever having to bend over. It’s also extremely lightweight at just 9 pounds, which makes it easy for anyone to lift and use this vacuum.

Final Thoughts

This is a premium cordless vacuum, and we can’t say enough good things about Nicebay. Our Nicebay cordless vacuum review found that this is one of the best in this price range, and it comes with so many features that you should really consider including it in your home.