Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony (Best Mop Vacuum for Your Home)

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Bissell Crosswave mop vacuum combo is quickly becoming their most popular item, but is it the best for your needs? They make many amazing products, such as the Symphony. Today we’re going to compare Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony to see which is ideal for your home.

While there are many similarities, there are just as many differences. We’re going to compare Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave based on their brush, suction, water tank, heating, weight, cord length, and any other differences that we find.

Read on and see which is right for you.

Bissell Crosswave
Bissell Symphony


Both of these Bissell wet and dry vacuums are able to suck up debris like cereal, rice, dirt, and much more. A brush is essential for digging into the carpet and unlodging all those particles that shouldn’t be there. So, which Bissell model has the better brush?

Honestly, it’s a big win for Crosswave because Symphony doesn’t have a brushroll.

Crosswave has a Dual-action Multi-Surface brush that works on almost every surface. You can vacuum your carpet, rug, tile floor, hardwood surfaces, and so much more. This allows you to both vacuum and mop your whole house with ease.

Symphony on the other hand doesn’t have a brush. The pet version allows you to attach disposable Swiffer pads, or you can use the washable pads it comes with. Since there isn’t a brush, Symphony isn’t very effective on carpets. It’s meant for hard surfaces like wood, tile, and granite.

If you have mostly hard floors, then it’s even between them. If you have carpeting though, then Crosswave is a big winner here.

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Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony: Suction

Both of these have good suction, but there is a big difference in power. Crosswave wins by a good margin, but it’s not quite as clear when you consider the full context.

Crosswave’s 3000RPM motor ensures that the brushroll spins very quickly, digging into carpet fibers to remove pesky particles so that your room is clean. This is also great for hard floors as it can clean better, especially if the messes are stuck or need some extra power to clean.

Symphony is weaker by comparison and is best for cleaning up loose particles like cereal or rice. At the same time, this is likely going to be what you’re cleaning anyway on hard floors. Not to mention the steam mopping (which we’ll get to later). This powers through tough stains.

We would say that Crosswave is the winner again here as it is much stronger and more versatile. However, Symphony can hold its own on hard floors.

Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave: Water Tank and Heating

Since both of these are mop vacuum combos, they both have water tanks that allow you to mop your floors with ease. Not only that, but one of these can use steam power to get through tough stains while another doesn’t. Let’s compare them.

Crosswave has a large 28oz clean water tank and a 14.5oz dirty water tank. Having the two tanks ensures that only clean water is used on your carpets, hard floors, and rugs, while dirty water is stored away and easily disposable.

Symphony has a smaller tank, and it only has one. The Symphony water tank is 12.8oz, but this has one advantage over Crosswave. Symphony has steam cleaning power. This system heats the water in a matter of minutes and it allows you to get through hard stains while also sanitizing your floors.

If you want a larger water tank to clean big areas, or a carpet cleaner, then Crosswave is better. If you want a portable steam cleaner, then Symphony is the better choice.

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Weight and Cord Length

We’ve seen some carpet cleaners and vacuums that are very heavy, like with our Bissell ProHeat x2 vs Big Green review. It’s always important to keep these factors in mind so that you don’t get something too heavy, and to also ensure that the cord is long enough for your needs.

We expected Crosswave to be heavier here due to the brush, motor, and bigger water tank. While it is easier, it’s by a very small margin. It’s basically a tie between these two.

Crosswave weighs 11.5lbs while Symphony weighs 10.1lbs. This makes both very lightweight, portable, and easy to move around the house. Even climbing and descending stairs should be easy at this weight.

What about cord length? They are exactly the same here. Both of them have a 25ft cord, which is more than enough to clean several rooms.

What is the Difference Between Bissell Crosswave and Symphony?

Curious about what is the difference between Bissell Symphony and Crosswave? While there are some similarities, there are also many differences.

Curious how these stack up against other vacuum mops? Check these here:

Let’s start with how they’re similar. Both of these are vacuum mop combos, both can be used on hard floors, both weigh nearly the same and have the same cord length, and finally they are both very portable.

While Symphony is only good on hard floors, Crosswave can be used on both hard floors and carpets. Symphony can use both washable and disposable pads to make cleaning easier. Symphony is able to do steam cleaning, but Crosswave has a powerful brush that works on carpets and tough particles.

Both of these are fantastic, and it largely depends on what you need. If you only have hard floors, then Symphony is fantastic. If you have mostly carpets or a mix of carpets and hard floors, then Crosswave can be used on all these surfaces.

Bissell Crosswave
Bissell Symphony

Final Thoughts

We found that both all-in-one vacuum mops were wonderful, and the true winner depends on context. If you want a true all-in-one mop vacuum that can be used on any surface, whether it be carpet or hard floor, then Crosswave is the right choice for you. If you only have hard floors and you want steam cleaning, then Symphony might be better.

It all depends on your needs. So which one did you end up choosing? Be sure to let us know.

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