Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro vs Big Green

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When it comes to upright carpet shampooers, Bissell is one of the biggest brands that come to mind. We’ve compared the Pet Pro against several other top carpet cleaners, but it may have met its match today. We’re comparing Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro vs Big Green. While Pet Pro is a great all-arounder, Big Green is Bissell’s commercial carpet cleaner, giving it far more power.

While power is great, does this mean it will win the battle of Bissell Big Green vs ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro? We’re going to compare these based on brushes, water tank, steam cleaning, power, weight, tools, cord length, and any other differences we can find.

Bissell ProHeat Pet Pro
Bissell Big Green

Bissell ProHeat vs Big Green: Brush

A powerful brush is essential to getting deep into the carpet, separating the fibers, and pulling out all the dirt and debris. While a brush is only part of the equation, it’s one of the most important things to check when seeing if any vacuum or carpet cleaner is for you.

Despite Big Green being a commercial unit, we’re surprised to say that Revolution Pet Pro has the better brush. In fact, you can get the Pet Pro’s same brush for even cheaper with the Revolution Pet (check our Revolution Pet vs Pro review for more info).

Bissell Big Green comes with a respectable and powerful 8-row DirtLifter PowerBrush. This is a strong brush that easily goes through your carpet and pulls out any particles.

While the 8-row Bissell brush is great, the ProHeat Pet Pro has an even better 12-row Dual DirtLifter PowerBrush. This brush has an even easier time getting through carpet fibers to give them a deep and professional clean.

Both brushes are great, but we are surprised to see that Pet Pro is the better one here since it’s more of a consumer product while Big Green is a commercial upright carpet shampooer. Let’s keep going to see if the Revolution Pet Pro is better in other areas, or if Big Green will come out on top.

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Bissell Big Green vs ProHeat: Water Tank

Every carpet cleaner needs a water tank. These appliances use the water to power through your carpet while refreshing and cleaning the fibers. Plus, the water cuts through stains and debris. You ideally want the largest capacity possible, though having at least 1 gallon should be fine for everyday needs.

There is a big difference between these two and it makes sense. Pet Pro was made for everyday consumers while Big Green is a big commercial unit made for cleaning whole houses. So, which one has the biggest water tank capacity between Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro vs Bissell Big Green?

ProHeat Pet Pro has a respectable 1 gallon water tank which is pretty good. You should have no problem cleaning multiple rooms. Not only that, but you can mix a fair amount of cleaner in here for extra power. This model also comes with a pretreater that you can spray on stains for even more power. It’s a nice feature that cuts through difficult stains.

While 1 gallon is fine, the Bissell Big Green water tank capacity is nearly double that at 1.75 gallons. That’s a big upgrade and it lets you get far more done without having to refill. This might be too much for smaller homes, but you’ll find it very useful for standard or larger homes.

While Pet Pro is good, Big Green is much better. It lets you pick up way more dirt and clean more stains without having to refill the tank.

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Water Heating

Here’s another section that may surprise you. It should be obvious, but the Bissell ProHeat is able to heat water. It’s not quite steam cleaning, but it’s warm enough to make a major difference when cleaning pesky stains. How does the Big Green match up? Let’s find out.

First, let’s talk a little more about the ProHeat Revolution. This carpet cleaner warms the water to a consistent temperature that allows you to cut through difficult stains with ease. While it’s not quite as powerful as steam cleaning, it does ensure that the water stays warm so that it has an easier time cleaning your carpet.

It doesn’t take long for the water to warm. You should only need a minute or so, which ensures that you can clean without taking breaks or waiting a long time.

What about Big Green? This model actually doesn’t have a heater. It can’t warm the water, nor does it offer steam cleaning. While it makes up for this in the power section (check that out next), it lacks any ability to warm the water.

However, you can overcome this by filling the water tank with warm water before starting. Most people do this anyway to ensure you have the easiest time cleaning the carpet. While the water will get cold after a while, it’s likely that you’ll be all finished cleaning before the water is too cold.

While Pet Pro wins here, the workaround with Big Green makes it nearly as effective in this regard.

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Here’s one section that really works in Big Green’s favor, and it’s why this is more of a commercial unit. Power dictates how strong the motor is along with overall suction. Big Green is nearly twice as powerful, making it the sure winner here.

Pet Pro by Bissell is a good carpet cleaner at 6.8 amps of power. This is enough to cut through most stains in a few passes, and you should have no problem with routine cleaning. Even hard stains like win, clay, and mud are no chance for Bissell Revolution Pro.

Big Green runs as 12 amps, which is far better and able to get through stains that the Revolution Pro might struggle with. It can often clean in fewer passes due to the extra power and suction. Along with the water tank, this is one of the biggest wins here for Big Green.

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Weight and Tools

Here we’ll cover how heavy these Bissell carpet cleaners are and what accessories you get with them. Unlike the other sections where there was a clear winner, this one is a little more gray and up to your perspective.

In terms of weight, the Pet Pro is a fairly light 18 pounds while the Big Green is 42 pounds. That’s a big difference, but just looking at them, this is what you’d expect. The Big Green is much bigger and it needs to be for the bigger water tank and stronger motor.

While we would call Pet Pro portable and convenient to move around, Big Green is actually a good weight when compared to similar commercial carpet cleaners.

What about the tools? You get one extra tool with Pet Pro, but the Big Green tool is really good.

The Bissell 2x Revolution Pet Pro accessories include the 3-inch Tough Stain Tool along with the 2-in-1 Pet Tool. The Pet tool has dry and wet suction while the Tough Stain Tool is meant for wet cleaning.

These are both good, but we really like the Big Green’s 6-inch Tough Stain Tool. It lets you clean stairs, upholstery, and other surfaces even faster, and you get even more scrubbing power with the larger brush.

Overall, it’s a toss up. Do you prefer having two tools, one of which is better for pet hair, or one tool that is clearly superior? We leave that determination up to you.

Cord Length

We won’t spend too much time here because this section is a tie. Both models come with the same 25’ power cord, which should be more than enough for cleaning around the house. You should have problem cleaning even if you don’t have an outlet right by the stain or area that you’re cleaning.

While Big Green has a slightly longer hose, it’s only by 1’. This section is a tie.

What are the Differences Between Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro and Big Green?

There are a fair number of differences between Bissell Big Green and ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro, but that only makes sense because they are made for very different customers. ProHeat Revolution was made for home users while Big Green was made for commercial users or those who want to clean their home without refilling the water tank.

Surprisingly enough, Revolution Pro has better brushes, a pretreater spray, is significantly lighter, and warms water for strong cleaning. This allows it to cut through stains faster than ever. It’s also more affordable and at a great price point for everything you get.

On the other hand, Big Green packs double the power, nearly double the water capacity, is a good weight when compared to other commercial carpet cleaners, and its 6-inch hand tool is much better than the smaller Pet Pro tools. It is more expensive, but not by a massive amount.

Overall we would consider this about power vs convenience.

Pet Pro is way easier to use. It looks and functions like a regular vacuum. Big Green is much stronger though, and busts through the hardest stains with ease.

So, which is better? We’d say that Revolution 2x Pet Pro is best for overall use and occasional carpet cleaning. If you want to do deep cleaning on a daily or weekly basis, then Big Green is the way to go.

Bissell ProHeat Pet Pro
Bissell Big Green

Final Thoughts

While they’re both Bissell carpet cleaners, Big Green and ProHeat Pet Pro are made for very different users. ProHeat Revolution is ideal for regular cleaning, those who occasionally clean their carpet, and for everyday needs. Big Green is a commercial unit made for even deeper stains, more frequent cleaning, or anyone who wants tremendous power.

So, which is right for you? Be sure to let us know.

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