Bissell Crosswave vs Shark Vacmop (Which Vacuum Mop is Best?)

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There are many options if you’re looking for a vacuum mop combo, and today we’re reviewing Bissell Crosswave vs Shark VacMop. Unlike with our Crosswave vs Pet Pro review, these two mop vacuums couldn’t be more different. While they both vacuum and mop, there is a world of difference between them.

Our Shark VacMop vs Bissell Crosswave review is going to compare these two based on their brush, suction, water tank, weight, cord length, and any other differences that we can find.

Read on to see which is right for you.

Bissell CrosswaveShark VacMop


You want to make sure that you’re getting a good brush because this will be responsible for combing through carpet fibers, picking up debris, and making sure your floors are clean when you’re finished.

Bissell always has good brushes. The CrossWave by Bissell has a dual-action multi-surface brush. This can easily transition from carpet, rugs, hard floors, and more. You can clean every surface in your home with ease. Plus, the brush easily gets deep into your carpet to remove particles that other vacuums might miss.

What about the Shark VacMop brush? We’re surprised to say that there isn’t one. This model vacuums by providing suction, so it’s able to suck up loose particles like rice, chips, sprinkles, and other messes, but it doesn’t have a brush for extra cleaning.

You probably won’t miss the brush too much on hard floors. What about carpets and rugs? The Shark VacMop isn’t really suited for that. It is more like a Swiffer with suction. You might be able to clean your carpet a little, but it’s nothing compared to Bissell.

This is a big win for Bissell in our Bisell vs Shark review. Not only does it actually have a brush, but it’s suitable for both carpets and hard floors while Shark is only good for hard surfaces.

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Bissell Crosswave vs Shark Vacmop: Suction

Which vacuum mop combo has the best suction here?

As you might guess, Bissell takes this win here as well. It has a powerful 3000 RPM motor that makes the brush rotate very quickly, ensuring it picks up all the debris in your house, hiding in your carpet, and on hard floors. Shark has a good amount of power, but not quite as much as Bissell.

If we are comparing them on carpets, then Bissell is the easier winner here. Shark VacMop might pick up some loose debris, but only Bissell Crosswave will give you deep cleaning.

But what about on hard surfaces? The truth is that power doesn’t matter as much on wood, tile, and other hard floors. The debris is likely already loose and fairly easy to pick up.

Bissell is still better here, but not by as significant a margin. Shark performs adequately on hard floors by easily picking up most loose particles and messes. While Bissell would still be better for big or sticky messes, Shark does quite well on hard floors.

Shark Vacmop vs Bissell Crosswave: Water Tank

Since these are both capable of mopping your floor, they each have water tanks where you can put either water or a water and cleaning solution mixture. They also both sell their own specific Bissell Crosswave cleaner and Shark VacMop cleaner for different floor types and messes.

The water tank sizes and designs are very different.

Bissell Crosswave water tank is separated into two different tanks. You have the clean water tank with a capacity of 28oz. This is where you place your water or solution. Then there’s the 14.5oz dirty water tank, which keeps the dirty water away from your floors.

Shark VacMop water tank is 12oz and there is only one tank. However, unlike Bissell that uses the water right on the mess itself, Shark allows you to squirt the solution. Simply push a button to soak the mess.

Bissell sucks up as much water as possible while Shark has Vac Pads that (again, much like Swiffer) dry the area while trapping debris.

Both are pretty good, and honestly the smaller water tank of Shark isn’t bad when you consider that it only cleans hard floors. However, if you want to mop carpets, then Bissell is the way to go.

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Weight and Cord Length

Some vacuums can be very heavy, especially if the water tanks are full or they have very powerful motors. You want to make sure that your vacuum isn’t so heavy that you’re unable to push it. Plus, you want to ensure that the cord length is good enough to clean multiple rooms or at least one very big room.

There is, once again, a very big difference between these two.

The Crosswave vacuum mop combo weighs 11.5lbs and has a 25-foot cord. That makes it pretty lightweight, and the cord is long enough to help you easily clean around the house.

The Shark vacuum mop combo only weighs 3lbs and it’s cordless. It has a magnetic charger. Simply make sure the vacuum is charged before using it. This makes it even lighter, and you can easily clean the whole home (as long as carpets aren’t an issue).

As long as you remember to charge it, Shark is the winner here. If you don’t want to deal with charging, then Bissell might be better.

What is the Difference Between Bissell Crosswave and Shark VacMop?

Curious about what is the difference between Shark VacMop and Bissell Crosswave? There are a lot of differences between these two. Actually, it’s hard to find similarities between them.

See how well Crosswaves stacks up against the competition:

Crosswave from Bissell is like a regular vacuum that can also mop, while VacMop from Shark is more like a Swiffer that can also vacuum.

Crosswave is bigger, stronger, has a brush, can clean both carpets and hard floors, has a bigger water tank, is better for cleaning hard stains, has more power, and generally is better in nearly every way.

That being said, there are a few advantages that Shark has over Bissell. Shark is lighter, cordless (though it does need to be charged), uses pads that you throw away, and less than half the price. Just remember that there are sacrifices for the lower price. It only works effectively on hard floors and it’s nearly as powerful.

Bissell CrosswaveShark VacMop

Final Thoughts

This is a resounding win for Bissell. While VacMop has some advantages, such as being lighter, more affordable, and it’s cordless, Bissell has much more value. Plus, it works on all floor surfaces and powers through difficult stains.

If you are looking for an affordable vacuum mop cleaner and want the lowest price, then Shark is good. If you want something that can vacuum and mop your whole house and has lots of power, then Bissell is by far the best.

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