Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro vs Rug Doctor Pro

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Bissell makes some of the world’s best carpet cleaners, but how does it hold up against Rug Doctor? Today we’re reviewing Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro vs Rug Doctor Pro to see which one is best. Bissell might be a more recognized brand, but Rug Doctor packs a tremendous amount of power.

So, which one is best between Rug Doctor vs Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro? We’re going to compare and contrast them based on brushes, water tank, heating, tools, weight, and other factors so that you know exactly which one is right for you.

Bissell Pet ProRug Doctor Pro

Bissel vs Rug Doctor: Brushes

While you might think that brushes aren’t that important with carpet cleaners since they are made more for busting through stains than sucking up dry debris, this couldn’t be more wrong. You want strong brushes to ensure the carpet shampooer can easily get through stains while massaging the carpet fibers and removing any dirt, stains, and debris.

If you’ve seen our other Bissell ProHeat 2x reviews, then you know that it has one of the best brushes of any carpet cleaner (especially any at this price point). It includes the Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes, two rolls with 12 rows of rotating brushes. This is easily one of the best brushes you can find and it’d be great in any vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner.

So, in our Bissell ProHeat 2x vs Rug Doctor Pro review, how does Rug Doctor fare? Not quite as good. It has a fairly standard rotating brush that you’ll find with most other carpet cleaners. It’s good, don’t get us wrong, but it’s nothing really special. It’ll have no problem getting through carpet fibers.

Where Rug Doctor really excels is power, so make sure you don’t skip that section later in this review.

Bissell wins the battle of the brushes, but let’s see if Rug Doctor can make a comeback.

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Rug Doctor vs Bissell: Water Tank

Both have great water tanks, but one is much bigger and more useful than the other. The water tank determines how much space you can clean before having to stop to remove the dirty water and refill the clean water.

Bissell ProHeat 2x Pet Pro has a respectable 1 gallon tank. This is a common size that’s very good as it allows you to do one large room or two or three smaller rooms before having to refill. Many carpet cleaners around the price point have water tanks around the size and it’s a good size at this price.

What about the Rug Doctor Pro water tank? This comes with both a 1.5 gallon clean water tank and a 1.5 dirty water tank. This allows you to clean much more space without having to refill. Not only that, but the cap tells you exactly how much cleaner to use in order for the most effective cleaning.

One thing we can say about ProHeat that is better than Rug Doctor is that the HeatWave Technology will keep the water warm as you clean. Rug Doctor Pro Deep Cleaner doesn’t offer this, but you’re expected to use hot water when filling the tank, which should ensure you still get the stain fighting power of warm water.

While we like Bissell’s heating technology, there’s no debating that Rug Doctor’s larger water tank is far better. It lets you clean longer, and the useful cap ensures that you load just enough cleaner without using too much.

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One of the major differences between these models is power. Bissell Pet Pro was meant for consumers while Rug Doctor Pro is for commercial cleaning. Due to that, it has far more power and is even considered a grime extractor, something that Bissell can’t do.

Bissell has a good motor and it will power through most stains. Not only that, but it has an easy time picking up dry debris that your vacuum may have missed (you should always vacuum before using a carpet cleaner for best results).

However, when it comes to Rug Doctor vs Bissell ProHeat 2x, Rug Doctor has an industrial motor that removes over 90% of grime, debris, and oils in a carpet within one or two passes. Bissell just doesn’t compare.

If you want good power, then Bissell is fine. If you want commercial-grade power that digs deep into your carpet and really pulls out the grime and oils making it dirty, then Rug Doctor is easily the better choice.

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Weight and Tools

You always want to consider how heavy the carpet cleaner is, especially if you intend on going upstairs and downstairs with it. Plus, you want to see what other tools it comes with. These tools make the model more versatile and allow you to clean more spaces with ease.

Bissell is a portable carpet cleaner that was made for everyday uses. It weighs a good 18lbs, which ensures that you should have no problem moving it anywhere in your home. While it’ll be heavier if the water tank is full, even then you should have no issues moving it around.

Rug Doctor is a large carpet cleaner with a bigger water tank and stronger motor, so it might come as no surprise that it’s the heavier of the two. This carpet cleaner weighs a hefty 57lbs, which is going to make it harder to move between different levels of your home. At the same time, this is common for power carpet cleaners like this, so this should be expected.

What about the tools and accessories?

Bissell ProHeat Pro comes with two accessories. The first is the 2-in-1 Pet Tool that acts like a little vacuum and spot cleaner as it does both wet and dry cleaning. It’s best used in areas where there’s pet hair and you need to vacuum it up first. You also get the Tough Stain Tool, a 3-inch hand tool that cleans upholstery, stairs, and other areas.

Rug Doctor only has one tool, but it’s stronger than either Bissell one. The Rug Doctor motorized upholstery tool easily cleans stains from small and hard-to-reach surfaces. Simply connect it to the cleaner and push the button to use. You’ll feel the power and it works great on tough, dry stains.

While Bissell is lighter and includes one extra tool, Rug Doctor is heavier due to the stronger motor and its tool is stronger as well.

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What’s the Difference Between Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro and Rug Doctor Pro?

Curious about the differences between Rug Doctor Pro and Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro? There are quite a few, and as you may have noticed, these serve very different purposes. We hope this section makes it easier to choose the right one for your home.

Bissell is smaller, but this actually works in its favor. It’s a highly portable carpet cleaner at a better price point. Not only that, but you should have no problem moving it around your home. It also has the ProHeat heating feature that ensures your water stays warm throughout the cleaning process.

At the same time, Rug Doctor is a professional carpet shampooer that is much stronger and it includes a bigger water tank. While it only has one accessory, the hand tool is stronger and has an easier time busting through tough stains without scrubbing.

If you want professional-grade results, then Rug Doctor is better. If you want something that’s convenient, relatively portable, and comes at a better price, then Bissell is right for your home.

Bissell Pet ProRug Doctor Pro

Final Thoughts

It’s tough to choose the best one here because one is stronger while the other is portable and convenient. It largely comes down to your needs. If you want a grime extractor that cleans 90% or more of oils and debris from your carpet, then Rug Doctor is ideal. If you want something that refreshes your carpet and get deep into the fibers while being portable, then Bissell is the better choice.

So, which do you choose? Be sure to let us know.

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