Shark Hydrovac: Reviews, Comparisons, and More (Don’t Buy Before Reading!)

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Shark Hydrovac is a powerful multi-surface vacuum and mop combo made with Shark innovation. The Shark brand is known for adding extra power and unique features into their products, and our Shark Hydrovac reviews found that this lineup is no exception. Whether you’re choosing Shark Hydrovac Cordless or getting the corded Shark Hydrovac XL, you’re getting a good vacuum, but which is better?

We’re going to compare the different models here and then show you how well Hydrovac Shark does against the competition, such as Bissell Crosswave and Tineco S5.

Read on to learn more about this vacuum and to see if it’s right for you.

Shark Hydrovac CordedShark Hydrovac CordlessShark Hydrovac XL

What is Shark Hydrovac?

The Shark Hydrovac 3 in 1 vacuum is a multi-surface cleaner that is able to both vacuum and mop at the same time. Whether you need hard surfaces like wood and tile or soft surfaces like rugs and carpets, the Hydrovac can do it all. It also equally cleans dry debris and wet messes with ease, so use it around your whole home to clean every inch.

You might be wondering why this claims to be a 3-in-1 cleaner. It vacuums and mops, but what is the third function? This vacuum is able to clean itself as well, which ensures that the brushroll is completely clean and ready for the next mess.

There are two different versions of cleaner, but the cordless model also offers an Ultra Pack with extra cleaning supplies that is worth the cost.

How Much is a Shark Hydrovac?

Check out the latest Shark Hydrovac listings to find out. There are often deals going on, so it’s hard for us to give an exact price. We will say that it’s about the same price as Bissell, Tineco, and other big brands in this market.

The corded version is somewhat more affordable, but the cordless version allows you to go throughout the whole house without worrying about finding an outlet. It’s completely up to you which is the better value.

Shark Hydrovac CordedShark Hydrovac CordlessShark Hydrovac XL

Antimicrobial Brush

Let’s examine the brush to see what makes it so special. While it looks like any other vacuum brush, you’ll find that the Shark antimicrobial brush is anything but common. Along with the self-cleaning system that keeps the brush and your floor clean, the brush has been treated with an antimicrobial substance you won’t find on other vacuums.

This is included with both versions, so you can enjoy these benefits regardless of which Hydrovac you choose. You’ll find that this treatment gets a deeper clean, and it reduces odors throughout your whole home. Even after one cleaning, you’ll notice how special this is.

While some vacuum mops have different brushrolls for hard or soft surfaces, or those for different types of cleaning, this model has one versatile brush that can do it all. You also get LED lights on the vacuum head so that you can easily see in dark areas like under tables or corners.

Water Tanks

Hydrovac uses two-tank technology for the ultimate cleaning experience. This is common for vacuum mops, but just like with the brush, Shark does something new and unique. What is two-tank technology? This means that there are two water tanks in your vacuum.

One tank is designated for clean water and solution. This is the one you fill before mopping. The other is for dirty water. This is where the water goes once it’s sucked up off the ground. Since this is also a vacuum, this is also where debris will go as well.

Unlike other floor cleaners that indiscriminately place debris in the dirty tank. This is able to intelligently separate liquids from solids. Not only does this maximize space and power, but it also makes it much easier to clean when you’re all done.

According to our Shark Hydrovac XL reviews, the water tanks are large enough to clean your entire home without forcing you to empty them halfway through.

Hydrovac LED Display

This comes with an LED display that is intuitive and simple to use. It does everything from showing you the remaining battery life (cordless version only), monitoring self-cleaning process, showing the floor type and power, monitoring the cleanser level, and much more.

While this vacuum is able to intelligently change suction levels depending on the mess it comes across, you can manually change suction as well. This ensures that the right amount of power is used for the job, which is an essential feature for the cordless version and a very handy one with the corded vacuum.

Rapid Drying Time

Despite being a very powerful mop, you’ll find that this quickly sucks up most of the water in one go. This means that you should be able to walk on the hard floor or carpet within minutes of cleaning. Very few floor cleaners can match this drying time, and it’s ideal for those who have children or pets who don’t like to wait.

Shark Hydrovac CordedShark Hydrovac CordlessShark Hydrovac XL

What is the Difference Between Shark Hydrovac Cordless and Corded Models?

Curious about what is the difference between Shark corded and cordless versions? The corded version is also known as Shark Hydrovac XL while the other is known as Shark Hydrovac Cordless Pro XL. Despite the “Pro” in its name, these two models are very similar.

They share nearly all the same features, have the same two-tank technology and water tanks, both offer 3-in-1 cleaning, both dry the floors very quickly, and both have the special antimicrobial brush.

The major difference is that the cordless version is powered by a battery while the corded version requires an outlet. That being said, this actually makes a big difference in how useful they are.

If outlets are hard to come by in your home, or if you hate constantly switching from one outlet to another as you clean the home, then the cordless version might be best for you. It completely charges in 4 hours (which is very fast for cordless floor cleaners), and it lasts long enough to clean your whole home.

You do save some money with the corded version, but not that much. We suggest the cordless version as you can take it anywhere without hunting down an outlet. One advantage of the corded version though is that you don’t need to worry about the battery life, so it might be better for larger homes.

There is also the Shark Hydrovac Pro XL Ultra Pack. This includes the cordless vacuum, two brushrolls, and two 12 oz multi-surfaces cleaners. We found that this is a better value because you’re getting the brush and cleaners at a discount.

Benefits of Shark Hydrovac

There are several distinct advantages of Shark Hydrovac compared to other similar models. As a multi-surface appliance, this works around the entire home regardless of whether you have carpets, hard floors, or a combination of the two.

The brush also instantly removes odors and prevents it from sticking to the brush, and the fast-drying formula ensures you can clean wet messes or deep clean carpets without waiting forever for the floor to dry. Just clean, suck up the water, and get back to your life.

While you can find other floor cleaners with similar advantages, few of them offer all of them in one package.

Shark Hydrovac Reviews

How does the Hydrovac Shark hold up against the competition? There are some great floor cleaners it’s going up against, so let’s see if it can hold its own ground or if there’s something better for you.

Shark Hydrovac CordedShark Hydrovac CordlessShark Hydrovac XL

Shark Hydrovac vs Bissell Crosswave

Which is better when it comes to Bissell Crosswave vs Shark Hydrovac? Bissell Crosswave is the most popular floor cleaner, and it’s understandable why. Just like Shark, it’s able to clean soft and hard surfaces, offers two-tank technology, cleans wet and dry messes, and is very reliable.

The two are extremely similar. Shark is newer and thus has some significant upgrades, plus the antimicrobial brush is a huge advantage. It also cleans its own brush, and is better at reducing odors. Crosswave though is better at pet hair, and you’ll more commonly find a discount since it’s been on the market so long.

Shark Hydrovac vs Bissell Crosswave Max

Which is better with Bissell Crosswave Max vs Shark Hydrovac? Unlike the standard Crosswave that has been on the market for years, Crosswave Max is very new and includes unique features. Along with WiFi connectivity and a fantastic battery life, Crosswave Max also has a self-cleaning mode and handles pet hair without any problems.

In terms of power, battery life, and efficiency, Max is better. However, Hydrovac is at a better price point, has similar features, and it’s better with odor due to the antimicrobial brush. We think that Max is the better value, but Hydrovac has some features that work better with your needs.

Shark Hydrovac vs Tineco S5

Which is better with Tineco S5 vs Shark Hydrovac? Tineco Floor One S5 has many advantages over Shark, and you can see that in our Tineco Floor One S5 reviews. The major advantages include the iLoop dirt detection system, WiFi connection with your phone, better battery life, and more.

However, the one major advantage in terms of Shark vs Tineco is that Hydrovac works on both rugs and hard floors while Tineco only works on hard floors. If you intend on using this on rugs, then Shark might be better.

Shark Hydrovac vs Tineco iFloor 3

Curious to know who wins when it comes to Tineco iFloor 3 vs Shark Hydrovac? Unlike S5 above that included iLoop and app support, iFloor 3 doesn’t have these special features. It’s a more affordable vacuum mop combo due to this, but it means that it lacks many of the best advantages you get from other Tineco cleaners.

In general we would say that Shark is better here in most regards. While iFloor is similar, you get a few extra features with Hydrovac.

Shark Hydrovac vs Steam Mop

Let’s compare Shark Steam Mop vs Hydrovac. Both are good, but it really depends on what you’re looking for. Hydrovac gives you much more because it’s a vacuum, mop, floor cleaner, and more all together. Shark Steam Mop is just a mop. It’s a very powerful mop with rotating pads, but it lacks many of the Hydrovac features.


Can Shark Hydrovac be Used on Carpets?

Does the Shark Hydrovac clean carpets? While it’s meant more for rugs, it easily works on carpets. It doesn’t dig as deep as some other vacuums due to the brushroll, but you’ll have no problem cleaning dry debris while also removing wet messes.

Can Shark Hydrovac be Used on Laminate Floors?

Is Shark Hydrovac safe for laminate floors? Yes, this vacuum mop combo is safe to use on laminate floors, and it can easily remove both dry debris and wet messes. You can use this without fear and it will quickly clean your floor.

Can Shark Hydrovac be Used on Hardwood Floors?

Yes, Shark Hydrovac is safe to use on sealed hardwood floors. Regardless of whether you need wet or dry cleaning, this vacuum is safe to use on this surface. It works equally well on hard surfaces, so use it without fear.

Can You Vacuum Water With Shark Hydrovac?

Normally Hydrovac will be used to clean up other wet messes, like wine, mud, food, and so on, but it has no problem cleaning water. It will be sucked right into the dirty water tank. Plus, this vacuum has strong suction, so it’ll quickly remove water from rugs or hard surfaces.

Is Shark Hydrovac Worth It?

Is Shark Hydrovac good? Is Shark Hydrovac worth the money? We would say that it is. It works on nearly all surfaces, has powerful suction for both wet and dry messes, quickly dries the floor, and removes odors with the antimicrobial brush.

What Does the Shark Hydrovac Do?

This is a vacuum mop combo that is able to vacuum dry messes or mop up wet messes. It works on both rugs and hard floors, and includes two-tank technology for wet cleaning. You can include a cleaning solution as well to bust through difficult stains. The antimicrobial brush removes odors. This is a great vacuum mop combo that does it all.