Shark Navigator Lift Away Review (Really the Best? Read Before Buying)

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Our Shark Navigator Lift Away review is going to show you whether these vacuums are worth your time, or if there is another model that’s better for your home. There are several different Shark Navigator vacuums to choose from, so we’re going to show you the different models so you know which is right for you.

Our vacuum Shark Navigator review is going to take a look at the different models, how much they cost, how they compare against other popular models, and much more.

We found that Lift Away was a very impressive upright vacuum, but let’s see if it’s right for your needs.

What is Shark Navigator Lift Away?

What is Shark Navigator Lift-Away and how does it differ from other vacuums? As a Shark vacuum, and as with any other Shark Ninja product, this is a highly innovative item with some unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

No matter which model you choose, whether it’s the Shark Navigator Lift Away DLX or Shark Navigator Lift Away XL, they have similar basic features. Some are better at allergy sealing while others have self-cleaning brushes, but the main feature is the Lift Away cleaning.

Like most other upright vacuums, this has a stick that lets you steer the vacuum and a canister attached to the front. Most vacuums struggle getting under desks and sofas or cleaning stairs. You can detach a nozzle and clean there, but these offer reduced power and poor maneuverability.

Shark Lift-Away allows you to lift the entire canister and leave the stick behind. You get full suction power combined with enhanced steering and movement. The lightweight canister is simple to carry with one hand, and it’s strong enough to clean low=pile carpet on stairs, under furniture, and anywhere else.

This takes everything about a conventional stick vacuum and makes it better. From better suction and movement to better overall features, this is an upgrade for your home that will make cleaning feel like less of a chore.

Different Versions

There are several different versions of this stick vacuum. The major differences we found were in terms of power, some features, dustbin capacity, and price. We’re going to give you a brief overview of the models you can choose here so you know which is best for you.

Shark Navigator Lift Away

The standard model, this might be entry-level by Lift Away standards, but it’s leagues ahead of most other vacuums. This powerful vacuum is perfect both for regular debris and pet hair, hard floors and carpet, and it includes a sealed HEPA air filtration system to prevent allergens from escaping into the air.

While the initial versions of the basic Navigator didn’t include a self-cleaning brush, this is now the norm for most Liftaway Navigators.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Speed

Similar to the basic model, this one weighs less, is more maneuverable, and includes a better self-cleaning brush. You’ll have no problem cleaning all your floors, and the Lift Away canister ensures you can clean stairs and other difficult areas with ease. The power is similar to the basic model, giving you good suction while being easier to carry around your home.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe

The Shark Navigator Lift Away DLX offers you a step up in terms of power and capacity. This is ideal for larger homes, those with pets, or if you have a busy home with lots of foot traffic. You get an extra-large dust bin that will easily hold all the debris in your home with ease. Not only that, but you get more power for cleaning carpets and difficult messes.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional

The Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away is yet another step up in terms of capacity. In terms of Shark Navigator Deluxe vs Professional, Pro has an even larger dust bin that has no problem holding massive amounts of dust and debris. The power is about the same, but you get more accessories like a crevice tool and more for more versatile cleaning. If you have the extra money, then this is the best model currently available.

How Much is the Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum?

While we can’t pin down a specific price since the market is always changing and there are sales all the time, we can say that these vacuums are fairly priced for what you’re getting. The truth is that these cost significantly less than many of the Tineco vacuums we’ve covered, yet you’re still getting a powerful and versatile vacuum.

Despite there being differences between the various models, you’ll find that their prices are quite similar. The larger and more powerful models cost more, but only by a little bit. We suggest that you really weigh your options carefully before sticking with a budget vacuum.

Shark Navigator Brush

Compared to other vacuums in the same price range, we found that the brush is fantastic for cleaning hard floors like tile and sealed wood along with carpeting and rugs. While this is best for low-pile carpet, you can use it on thick carpet as well (though there might be some diminished results).

How does Shark Lift Away do with pet hair? Our Shark Navigator review found that the brush is great for dry debris along with pet hair. The self-cleaning brushroll doesn’t just remove debris for optimal power, but it also resists hair wrapping that can stop brushes from working.

This is the ideal brush for overall cleaning. If we did have to mention any drawbacks, it’s that this model doesn’t include wet cleaning. That means that it struggles with dried stains, but that’s common for any dry vacuum like this.

If you want a vacuum mop combo, then consider our (reviews) for models that might fit your needs better.

Lift Away Cleaning

We mentioned it earlier in our review, but it bears mentioning again here. If you look at these vacuums, then you might think they’re like any other upright vacuum. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The selling point of every Lift Away Shark vacuum is that you can detach the entire front canister and use it to clean stairs, under furniture, and any other difficult area in your home. Plus, the canister can easily be carried with one hand even when it’s full.

The enhanced portability allows you to clean all over the home with ease, so even those tough areas can finally get a good cleaning. Every version of this vacuum includes this feature, and while the larger models will get heavier when they are full (like the Professional and Deluxe) you can still carry them with one hand.


Most vacuums include accessories like a crevice tool, power head, and extension wand. While these accessories are great with other models, they are even better here as you get more use from them with the Liftaway cleaning. While you can use the regular vacuum head, you’ll find that you get much more cleaning done with the accessories.

The exact accessories you get depend on which model you choose. Most of them include an extension wand and crevice tool, but you might need one of the larger models if you want a power brush for stronger vacuuming.

Anti-Allergy Sealing

Another fantastic feature of these models is that they are all anti-allergen vacuums due to their Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. This gives you a HEPA filter that locks allergens as small as 0.3 microns in size, which ensures that the air in your home or apartment is more cleanable and breathable.

You’ll find this removes 99.9% of common allergens and dust within the vacuum. Plus, since it’s so easy to empty the canister, you won’t have to touch or interact with allergens as you dump the debris.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Benefits

What are the benefits of Shark Navigator vacuum? This is a highly versatile vacuum cleaner that is able to clean multiple surfaces and has the Lift Away system, but let’s break it down easily for you so you can see why you should buy Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum.

  • Lift-Away detachable canister that makes it easy to clean under furniture, stairs, and other difficult areas.
  • Cleans hard floors, carpets, rugs, and most other surfaces in your home
  • Picks up pet hair and the brush is self-cleaning while resisting tangling
  • Captures 99.99% of common allergens with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • LED headlights make it easy to see in dark corners and under furniture

We found this was a fantastic vacuum for overall cleaning. If you’re looking for smart vacuums though, then consider Tineco or Bissell that include smartphone connectivity and other tech benefits. Otherwise, this will fit the needs of most people, especially those who need added mobility or have lots of stairs and other difficult areas to clean.

Against the Competition

While this vacuum has certainly proved itself to be effective and versatile, does that mean it’s really the best for your needs? Let’s compare it to other big names in the market to see how it stacks up.

Shark Navigator Lift Away vs Shark Performance Lift Away

In terms of Shark Performance Lift Away vs Shark Navigator Lift Away, we found that both were very similar. One thing that Performance did differently was using the DuoClean PowerFins, which is a unique roller that combines a roller and soft bristles so it works well on all floors, but Navigator is just as versatile.

In general, we would suggest Navigator. You can sometimes find Lift Away Performance, but it’s an older model and is somewhat cumbersome by comparison. It’s a great vacuum, but Lift Away Navigator is newer and easier to use.

Check Price: Shark Performance Lift Away ->

Shark Navigator Lift Away vs Shark Rotator Lift Away

What is better when it comes to Shark Rotator Lift Away vs Shark Navigator Lift Away? Both of these share many similar features, such as Lift Away technology and self-cleaning brushes, but there are two major differences. Navigator models tend to have larger dust bins while Rotator models tend to have more accessories.

Check Price: Shark Rotator Lift Away ->

Shark Navigator Lift Away vs Shark Vertex

Curious about which is better with Shark Vertex vs Shark Navigator Lift Away? There are several versions of the Vertex. If you’re looking at the Lift Away Vertex, then it’s very similar to Navigator. However, the cordless Shark Vertex Pro is a stick vacuum with an intelligent control panel and the ability to go anywhere due to the rechargeable battery.

Check Price: Shark Vertex ->

Shark Navigator Lift Away vs Dyson Ball Animal 2

In terms of Dyson Ball Animal 2 vs Shark Navigator Lift Away, Dyson is the stronger and more versatile of the two. It often requires less maintenance, has more accessories, and in general is better. It lacks Lift Away technology, but it delivers premium performance.

At the same time, one factor you need to consider with the Shark Navigator Lift Away vs Dyson Animal 2 debate is price. Yes, Dyson is better, but you’re also paying for premium performance. It’s often around two to three times more expensive than the Shark vacuum.

Check Price: Dyson Ball Animal 2 ->

Shark Navigator Lift Away vs Bissell CleanView

In terms of Bissell CleanView vs Shark Navigator Lift Away, we found that Shark was definitely the better of the two despite the similar price. Shark is better with pet hair, includes the detachable canister, better capacity, more power, and more versatility as it was able to clean thick rugs. Bissell is fine, but it lacks many of the special features you get with Shark.

Check Price: Bissell CleanView ->


Let’s answer some of your biggest questions about this Shark vacuum cleaner.

Are Shark Navigator Filters Washable?

Yes, you can wash Shark Navigator filters, and it’s very easy. This includes the pre-filters and HEPA filters. Simply remove them from the vacuum and hand wash them with clean water. Allow the filters to air dry for 24 hours and then place them back in the vacuum. Make sure they are completely dry before using them again.

Are Lift Away Shark Vacuums Good?

We would say they are. The vacuums themselves are quite powerful and versatile, easily doing better than other conventional vacuums. You’ll also find that Lift-Away technology ensures you have an easier time cleaning stairs and other hard areas.

Is Shark Navigator Cordless?

Unfortunately none of the Lift-Away Navigators are cordless, but you can get the Shark Navigator Freestyle if you want a cordless vacuum. This is similar to the other models we reviewed here as it’s powerful and versatile, but it lacks the Lift-Away canister.

What is the Difference Between the Shark Navigator and the Shark Professional Navigator?

While the Professional Shark Navigator is a little stronger and includes the added accessories, the major difference we found Shark Navigator vs Shark Navigator Professional is that the Pro version has a larger capacity so that it can hold significantly more debris.

Since the price difference is that big, we’d suggest taking a look at the Pro version to see if it fits your needs better. Large families or those with lots of foot traffic will be thankful for the bigger capacity.

Which is the Best Shark Navigator?

It really depends on what you need from your vacuum. The regular version is great overall and has good capacity, so it’s a good starting point. You’ll find that the Speed version is more lightweight while Deluxe and Professional have a little more power along with increased dirt capacity. Professional has the largest capacity while DLX offers good capacity at a slightly better price.

Can Shark Navigator Vacuum Water?

This vacuum is meant only for dry debris. While a small amount of moisture probably wouldn’t cause any problems, trying to vacuum water can cause significant problems. If you find that you frequently have wet messes, then you may want a wet-dry vacuum or a vacuum and mop combo.

How to Clean Shark Navigator Brush Roll?

As a self-cleaning vacuum, the brush roll should automatically clean itself as it works. At the same time, sometimes an item might get clogged or you just want to give it a good cleaning. You can’t remove the brush roll, but you can open the top compartment and then remove anything stuck to the brush.

How to Empty Shark Navigator Lift Away?

Emptying the Lift Away dirt cup is simple. Remove the canister from the vacuum and hold it over a garbage can. Empty the bottom cup by pushing the button near the bottom of the cup. There is also a top container that you can empty by pushing the button near the top. That’s all there is to it.

Where to Buy Shark Navigator Vacuum?

There are many places where you can buy Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuums, but we think the best place is Amazon. You can easily find the exact model you want, plus there are always deals and free shipping for Prime members. Take a look to see what you can find.

Why Shark Navigator is Not Picking Up?

Due to the self-cleaning brush, a tangled or dirty brush is rarely the problem. This is often due to the filters being dirty and clogged with debris. If you’re experiencing weak or no suction, then clean the filters with water and let them air dry for at least 24 hours. This should correct the problem.