Tineco Floor One S5 vs S5 Combo (Which Tineco S5 is Best?)

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Tineco vacuums have become quite popular and many people are trying to figure out which Tineco is best for them. Not only that, but most models have different versions, and that’s what we’re looking at here. Our Tineco Floor One S5 vs S5 Combo review will compare these two versions to see which one is right for you.

Our Tineco Floor One S5 Combo vs S5 will compare these based on brush, suction, water tanks, battery life, and software. We’ll then see if there are any other differences that are worth noting.

While the S5 Combo is more versatile in terms of accessories and cleaning in hard to reach spots, the regular S5 has more power and better battery life. It really depends on whether a handheld vacuum is necessary for your vacuuming needs.

Tineco Floor One S5Tineco Floor One S5 Combo

Tineco Floor One S5 Combo vs Tineco S5: Brush

We’ve talked about Tineco’s brushes before. While we found that all of their brushes are good because they are well suited to cleaning both wet and dry messes, we particularly like the S5 brush.

Unlike the S3 or iFloor model, the S5 brush is offset to the side. This gives it enhanced edge cleaning as it gets right against the wall. You don’t see this with many other vacuums, and we highly recommend the S5 just for this feature.

In terms of Tineco S5 vs S5 Combo, we found that the brush itself is exactly the same. They both function and feel the same, and they offer the same performance. While S5 Combo is a little weaker (and we’ll cover this more in the next section), it’s just as good at picking up most messes.

There’s no brush on the S5 Combo handheld vacuum, but it’s great for vacuuming stairs, couches, cars, and other areas where a full size vacuum is just too large.

In terms of the brush itself, both are basically the same and we found no significant differences.

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Tineco Floor One S5 Combo vs S5: Suction

Normally when you have an updated vacuum or one with special features, you’ll find that it’s stronger. Surprisingly enough, that’s not the case here. The regular S5 is actually the stronger of the two. However, since both of these only work on hard floors and not carpets, then the suction power isn’t quite as important. You can get away with a weaker vacuum since it doesn’t need to dig through carpet fibers.

Tinceo Floor One S5 has a powerful 30W motor that can sweep up dry messes and really power through stuck on stains and wet messes. While it’s weaker, the Tineco Floor One S5 Combo also has a strong motor at 22W. This is weaker, but you’ll find that it can also clean nearly all the same messes. It might suffer a little with really tough stains, but you should have no problems with them.

Why is the Tineco S5 Combo weaker? It’s actually because the entire vacuum is powered by the handheld attachment. Surprisingly enough, you shouldn’t notice much of a difference and the S5 Combo cleans messes with ease.

Both are good. While S5 Combo is more versatile due to the handheld vacuum, the standard S5 is the stronger of the two and offers better suction.

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Tineco Floor One S5 vs Tineco S5 Combo: Water Tanks

Many Tineco models offer water tanks, making this a smart wet dry vac that gives you the cleaning power of water and solution. Tineco sells many official cleaning solutions that allow you to quickly get through any stains or hard messes. While both models come with water tanks, there is a difference between them.

The major difference we found is that S5 offers larger tanks. You should be aware that both vacuums (and most wet dry models) use two-tank technology. This means that you have one tank for clean water and one for dirty water. The benefit of this system is that the dirty water is contained and kept separate from the clean water you’re using on the floor.

The S5 Tineco water tank is 0.8L for clean water and 0.7L for dirty water. The S5 Combo Tineco has a 0.5L clean water tank and 0.4L dirty water tank. We found that this allows you to clean much more space with the regular S5, and it traps more dirty water as well.

That being said, the S5 Combo’s water tanks are actually a very good size and you should have no problem cleaning several rooms without having to stop.

Those with larger homes may need the S5, but most people can clean their whole home with either model.

Tineco Floor One S5Tineco Floor One S5 Combo

Tineco Floor One S5 vs Tineco S5 Combo: Battery Life

Wireless wet dry vacuums require a dedicated battery so they can work even though they’re not plugged in. While this is very convenient, you also need to ensure that the battery lasts long enough so that you can clean your whole home. We found that both are good, but once again, S5 offers more.

At the same time, the S5 Combo’s battery works with both the full model and handheld accessory, so you can seamlessly switch between them.

The regular Tineco S5 battery life is up to 35 minutes while the Tineco S5 Combo battery life is up to 20 minutes. Keep in mind that this is the longest you can get and it’s achieved with the weakest setting. You can expect to get somewhat less than this with real world use.

While S5 Combo is a little more versatile, the 20 minutes you get is much shorter than the S5’s 35 minutes. Both of these should give you enough time to clean your whole home without recharging, but those with larger spaces might need to rush with the S5 Combo.

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Tineco Floor One S5 vs S5 Combo: Software

While we found numerous differences between the Tineco S5 Combo and S5, this is one area where they are largely the same. Both of these vacuums come with advanced technology and app integration that you don’t see with most other appliances.

Starting with app integration, you can connect the Tineco app to both of these models. You might be wondering why you’d ever want to use an app with your vacuum. This is actually very useful. You’ll find that this gives you detailed information about your vacuum such as how well it’s performing, how much battery life is left, how long it must continue charging, when filters must be changed, and so on.

More than that, you also get the iLoop dirt detection system with both S5 and S5 Combo. This is like a compass that points you in the right direction. If the compass is blue, then the area is clean. If you see any red, then that means it detects dirt. Use this in order to get your rooms cleaner than ever.

We found many differences here, but this is one area where both models are exactly the same.

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What is the Difference between Tineco S5 and S5 Combo?

Curious about what is the difference between Tineco S5 Combo and S5? Some factors were nearly identical, but others were very different.

The brush was basically the same between them. Both are great for both wet and dry messes on hard surfaces, and they offer superior edge cleaning that gets right up to the wall. While both had good suction, S5 was better at 30W while S5 Combo stumbled a little at 22W. They also both have good water tanks, but S5 is also better here with larger tanks.

Moving to battery life, S5 was once again much better at 35 minutes compared to the 20 minutes you can expect with S5 Combo. While you should be able to clean your entire home with either, those with larger homes may find that S5 is the only option. However, both offer superior app integration and software compared to most other companies.

Tineco Floor One S5Tineco Floor One S5 Combo

Final Thought

So, which is best here? While Tineco S5 Combo is definitely more versatile because you get the handheld vacuum, we found the regular S5 is stronger, has better battery life, larger water tanks, and is better in many ways. It really comes down to whether you want the handheld vacuum or not.

If you do, then S5 Combo is amazing. If you’re looking more for power and performance, then the regular S5 might be better.