Zokerlife Cordless Vacuum Reviews (Best Value Cordless Vacuum)

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Sometimes great deals bring about interesting vacuum brands and that’s exactly what’s happened with the Zoker vacuums. Many people are now wondering if Zoker cordless vacuums are any good. Our Zokerlife cordless vacuum reviews will take a deep look at their best offering right now to see if it’s right for your home and worth buying.

We’re going to look at the Zoker A10 Pro and see how good it is based on its brush, suction, dustbin capacity, battery, accessories, and anything else that we can find.

While you should compare it to other big offerings like Tineco A11, Bissell Crosswave x7, and other brands, we found that this is a great cordless vacuum for its price and for what you’re getting.


The first thing we like to look at for any of our wireless vacuum reviews is the brush. We found some vacuums are only good for either carpet or hardwood floors, and looking at the brush reveals how good you can expect the vacuum to be. In general, our Zokerlife cordless vacuum reviews found that the brush roll is quite versatile and good for many settings.

You can expect the Zoker cordless vacuum cleaner to work on both hard floors and carpets. They have recently updated their 2-in-1 roller brush to ensure that it can be used on all surfaces without you having to switch from one brush to another.

There are four LED lights on the front of the vacuum head to make it easy to see around dark corners and under beds, sofas, and other dark areas. The head swivels downwards, but it does not swivel side to side like we saw with the INSE vacuums.

While some vacuums are certainly better, we found that this one was quite good for the price tag and versatile enough for most homes.

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The one thing a vacuum cleaner needs to get right, whether it’s a wireless handheld car vacuum cleaner or a plug-in vacuum for your whole home, is the suction. There’s no reason to use a vacuum if it isn’t able to clean up messes around the home. We found that Zoker vacuum offered fairly good suction.

This model offers 250 watts of suction power. It also has adjustable power modes so that you choose the right one based on what you need to clean. For example, you could use the lightest setting for dust and light debris, or have a stronger setting for things like nuts, cereal, small rocks, and more.

The brushless motor reaches speeds of 80,000 RPM, which is more than twice as fast as their previous model. This ensures that it can easily clean up most messes.

Power is most important when it comes to cleaning rugs and carpets. While you do need a fair amount of power to clean hard floors, it doesn’t really offer any resistance. The vacuum just needs to make sure it’s strong enough to pick whatever debris is on the ground. When it comes to carpeting though, the vacuum has to be strong enough to dig through the fibers and get any dust or dirt out of the material.

We found that this vacuum is suitable for low to medium carpets. You might be able to use it on thick carpets, but it does lose some of its effectiveness and may not clean as well as you would hope for.

In general though, who would say that the suction is very good, especially considering the price tag.

Dustbin Capacity

Another thing you want to check for is the dustbin capacity. This lets you know how much dirt and debris you can pick up before you have to stop and empty the dustbin. We found that Zokerlife vacuum has a competitive dustbin that’s better than some of the other top brands that we looked at.

The cordless vacuum cleaner from Zoker has a 0.8L dust cup. This should be more than enough for you to clean multiple rooms without having to stop. While it’s smaller than the very large dust cup we found with the INSE vacuums, it is somewhat larger than the Tineco A11 capacity.

There is also filtration. This uses a five-stage high-efficiency filtration system to ensure that the air is cleaner and more breathable once you’re finished vacuuming.

While some brands are a little larger, we have to say that you get a very good capacity with this Zoker 4-in-1 handheld vacuum.

Zokerlife Cordless Battery Life

You must always check the battery life to ensure that any wireless vacuum stick lasts long enough for your needs. While there are some vacuums that offer exceedingly large battery lives, most people typically only need 20 or so minutes.

We found that Zokerlife offers pretty good battery capacity with a maximum of 30 minutes. Keep in mind that any battery life estimate for cordless vacuums is usually based on the lowest power setting.

So what can you expect with more realistic usage? We found it’s common to get around 15 to 25 minutes, which is still very good and should be more than enough time to clean your entire home.

This should be enough for most people, but consider picking up a vacuum with two batteries or longer battery life if you need more than this.

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Zoker Cordless Vacuum Accessories

There’s a fair number of accessories with the Zoker cordless vacuum clear. you get some of the expected ones such as a wall mount, the vacuum brush itself, and a filter that is easy to clean.

You also get a long crevice tool, soft brush, and 2-in-1 roller brush that’s great for stairs and cars. This makes it easy to clean just about anywhere, and the lightweight vacuum body makes it simple to bring this downstairs, upstairs, or even outside.

Final Thoughts

Are the Zokerlife cordless vacuum reviews good? And more importantly, should you buy a Zoker vacuum? We found that this is actually quite a good vacuum and it rivals some of the other top brands that we’ve looked at. Not only that, but you’re getting a great value here due to its price and unique mix of features and power.