Bissell Jetscrub vs TurboClean (Best Floor Cleaner for Mopping)

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Whether you’re looking for the best floor cleaner for mopping, or if you need a floor cleaner for any other needs, you might notice that Bissell comes up quite frequently. That’s because they make some of the best models around, but it’s hard to know which of their models is best for your needs. Our Bissell JetScrub vs TurboClean review is going to show you which of these is right for your home.

Our Bissell TurboClean vs JetScrub review will compare these two fantastic models based on brush, suction, water tank, special features, and then any other differences that we can find.

In general, we would say that JetScrub is the better model here because he has a better brush and more features. However, TurboClean wins in terms of having a lower price. Some people might also prefer the TurboClean hard floor version if you primarily have hard floors such as sealed wood and laminate.

Bissell JetScrub
Bissell TurboClean

Bissell TurboClean vs Bissell JetScrub: Brush

Both had excellent brushes, but there’s no denying that JetScrub has the better one. Not only does it offer more rows of bristles, but it could be using both hard floors and carpets. Bissell TurboClean comes in two versions. The one we’re focusing on here is called Bissell TurboClean Dual Pro Pet. It can only be used on carpet and upholstery. There’s also the TurboClean Hard Floor version, which as you can guess by its name, only works on hard floors.

How is the Bissell JetScrub brush? This floor cleaner comes with the 10-row XL Dirt Lifter Power Brush,  which is one of the best currently available by this brand. You’ll find that not only does it equally clean carpet and hard floors, but it’ll get rid of tough messes while also dislodging dirt and debris from carpet. This is one of their best brushes, but we found in our JetScrub vs ProHeat review that ProHeat put up a great fight.

How is the Bissell TurboClean brush? While it’s certainly a good brush, it doesn’t compare to the JetScrub one. This uses a 4-row Deep Reach brush. It’s specialized for cleaning carpets and upholstery, and it does better than other floor cleaners in the same price range, but we found that it wasn’t quite as effective as the JetScrub one. That being said, you get a very good clean with this model.

We have to say that JetScrub is the more versatile and effective of the two, but those who want a lower price and will only be cleaning carpets might prefer TurboClean.

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Bissell TurboClean vs JetScrub: Suction

Even though floor cleaners are more commonly used on wet messes, suction is still very important to consider when looking at vacuum combos like this. They are like a cross between vacuums and mops, which makes them ideal for many different messes. We found that JetScrub was better overall, but TurboClean put up a good fight.

How well does Bissell JetScrub clean? The first thing you should know is that this is a versatile model that works on both carpets and hard floors. It can easily suck up dry debris with its powerful brush, and it has no problem sucking up water with wet messes. You’ll also find that it’s great with pet hair and messes like pet urine.

How well does Bissell TurboClean clean? It’s fairly good, though keep in mind that it only works on carpeting. However, it can also clean dry and wet messes. We found that it was better with wet messes, but it also performed adequately as a vacuum with dry messes.

There’s a few other things to consider here as well. Both of these have Express Clean Mode. This uses less water so that the floor dries faster, but there’s a difference between them. JetScrub will ensure the floor is dry within 30 minutes, but the same mode takes 45 minutes to dry with TurboClean.

TurboClean can sanitize carpets, which is a very useful feature that many people love.

We have to give the win to JetScrub here. Not only is it stronger, but the brush is much more sophisticated and can easily pull up tough messes.

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Bissell JetScrub vs Bissell TurboClean: Water Tank

Any floor cleaner that provides wet and dry cleaning needs a water tank. The cleaner will draw from the water tank to bust through difficult messes, making it similar to a powerful mop. While both of these have great water tanks, and both use two-tank technology to keep dirty water away from your floor, we have to say that TurboClean has the better water tank. Though JetScrub has a very useful feature.

In terms of Bissell JetScrub vs Bissell TurboClean, we found that TurboClean’s water tank was more than twice as large as JetScrub. It has a 1.25-gallon tank while JetScrub has a 0.5-gallon tank. Both are quite large, but you can easily see which one carries more water.

That being said, both should give you enough water to clean your home. Those with larger homes though might need the larger water tank.

However, JetScrub has a useful feature for very difficult stains and messes. It comes with a pretreater that can spray messes with cleaning solution. Just let it sit for a minute or two and watch as stains lift right off the carpet.

In terms of size, TurboClean wins by a mile. But when it comes to features, JetScrub might be better for your needs.

Bissell JetScrub
Bissell TurboClean

Bissell JetScrub vs TurboClean: Special Features

Both of these floor cleaner and vacuum combos come with special features. We found that JetScrub gives you move features and we would say that they are better overall, but TurboClean does have an extra attachment you might enjoy using.

What special features do you get with Bissell JetScrub? This is a lightweight model at just 13 lbs, so you should have no problem moving it around. Both the nozzle and brush can be removed for easy cleaning. LED lights are attached to the cleaner head so you’ll have no problem seeing under beds, counters, and tables. The handle can also collapse downwards for easier storage and movement.

What special features do you get with Bissell TurboClean? This also comes with a removable nozzle and brush, which we found incredibly helpful. While neither brush roll is likely to get tangled (both models here are made for pet hair), this makes it much easier to clean the brush.

This also comes with a 3-inch Tough Stain Tool. This makes it easier to clean stains on stairs, carpet, upholstery, and other small surfaces. Many people love this tool because it’s so versatile.

While TurboClean comes with the extra attachment, we think that JetScrub is a little more useful overall.

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What is the Difference Between Bissell JetScrub and TurboClean?

Curious about what is the difference between Bissell TurboClean and JetScrub? While the two look somewhat similar and are both floor cleaners, we found numerous differences between them.

Both have excellent brushes, but TurboClean has a 4-row brush that only works on carpet whereas JetScrub has a 10-row brush that works on both carpet and hard floors. We also found that even though their suction is similar, JetScrub cleaned better largely due to the better brush as it can dig deeper into carpets.

TurboClean fires back with a very large water tank that’s more than double the size of JetScrub’s, but Bissell JetScrub comes with a pretreater that can make even the toughest stains easier to clean.

In terms of special features, Turbo has the 3-inch cleaning tool that’s very useful, but Jet has LED lights, the pretreater, collapsible handle, and much more.

Bissell JetScrub
Bissell TurboClean

Final Thoughts

Should you get Bissell JetScrub or TurboClean? Both are great and it largely depends on your needs and budget. If you’re only cleaning carpets and want to save some money, then TurboClean might be right for you. Those who plan on cleaning both hard floors and carpeting, and those who want all the bells and whistles, would get more value from JetScrub.