Tineco Floor One S7 Vs S5 Pro: A Battle of Premium Vacuums

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Finding the right cordless vacuum for your needs can be harder than it seems. That’s especially true when you have premium brands creating newer and better models. That’s the case here with our Tineco S7 vs S5 Pro review. No matter how we looked at it, there’s no loser here with our Tineco S5 Pro vs S7 Pro review, but there’s definitely one vacuum that’s right for you. Read on to see which suits your needs better.

Tineco Floor One S7 ProTineco Floor One S5 Pro

What is the Tineco S7?

The Tineco Floor One S7 is a top-of-the-line smart wet-dry vacuum cleaner, designed to make cleaning your home as easy as possible. This model stands out for its smart technology and its ability to deep clean and refresh your floors. You can find more about its features and benefits in this article here.

What is the Tineco S5 Pro?

The Tineco Floor One S5 Pro is another excellent smart wet-dry vacuum from Tineco. This model is designed for optimal performance and convenience, with a host of features aimed at providing a superior cleaning experience. For more detailed information, check out this review here.

Brush Comparison

Both the Tineco Floor One S7 and S5 Pro feature a multi-functional brush roll. This combines soft and hard bristles in one roller to pick up all types of dirt from different floor types. However, the S7 model has a self-cleaning brush roll, an added advantage that eliminates the need for manual cleaning.

Battery Life Comparison

Battery life is a crucial factor when it comes to cordless vacuums. The Tineco S7 boasts a slightly longer run time, lasting up to 35 minutes on a single charge, compared to the S5 Pro, which has a battery life of up to 30 minutes.

Capacity Comparison

The Floor One S7 has a larger capacity than the S5 Pro. The S7 model can hold up to 0.6L of dirt and debris, while the S5 Pro’s dustbin can accommodate 0.55L. This slightly larger capacity could mean fewer trips to the trash bin when cleaning larger areas.

Product Comparison

FeatureTineco Floor One S7Tineco S5 Pro
Battery LifeUp to 35 minutesUp to 30 minutes
Self-cleaning brush rollYesNo
Auto floor detectionYesYes
Smart ControlYesYes

What to Look for in a Premium Vacuum

When shopping for a premium vacuum, there are several factors to consider. Look at battery life, cleaning performance, dust capacity, smart features, and ease of maintenance. It’s also wise to consider your specific cleaning needs and the types of floors in your home.


Are the Tineco Floor One S7 and S5 Pro suitable for all floor types?

Yes, both models are designed to clean different floor types including hardwood, tile, and carpets. Their multi-functional brush roll is designed to effectively pick up dirt from various surfaces.

How do I maintain my Tineco vacuum?

Routine maintenance includes emptying the dustbin, cleaning the filter, and periodically cleaning the brush roll. The S7 model features a self-cleaning brush roll for added convenience.

Can these models vacuum and wash at the same time?

Yes, both the S7 and S5 Pro are wet-dry vacuums and can vacuum and wash simultaneously, saving you time.

Are these vacuums cordless?

Yes, both the Tineco Floor One S7 and S5 Pro are cordless, providing more flexibility and ease of use.

How do the smart features enhance cleaning?

The smart features enable these vacuums to adjust suction and water flow automatically based on the detected floor type and dirt level.

What is the difference between the Tineco S7 and S5 Pro?

The main differences are in battery life, capacity, and the presence of a self-cleaning brush roll in the S7 model.

Can these vacuums clean pet hair?

Yes, both models are effective at picking up pet hair, making them suitable for pet owners.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It typically takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

Do these models come with a warranty?

Yes, both models come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Check the product details for specific warranty information.

Can I use cleaning solutions other than Tineco’s?

Yes, but Tineco recommends using their cleaning solution to avoid damaging the machine and voiding the warranty.