Tineco Floor One S3 vs S5 Pro (Best Value Tineco Vacuum)

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Cordless vacuum and mop combos are easy enough to find, but it gets much harder to find the best cordless vacuum for your home or apartment. Today we’re comparing two offerings from an up and coming brand. Our Tineco Floor One S3 vs S5 Pro review will show you which of these is right for your cleaning needs. They are similar in some ways, but S5 Pro has many advanced features you don’t find with other Tineco floor cleaners.

Our Tineco Floor One S5 Pro vs S3 review will compare these based on their brush, suction power, water tanks, battery life, smart vacuum features and more.

Read on to see if you need an affordable cordless floor cleaner with the S3, or the more advanced smart cordless floor cleaner with the S5 Pro.

Tineco Floor One S3Tineco Floor One S5 Pro


The first thing you want to check with any vacuum is the brush. You don’t want a flimsy brush that’s unable to pick up messes. The good news is that both of these offer great brushes that will help you clean around the home.

Tineco vacuums only work on hard floors. You’re able to easily glide around tile, laminate, sealed wood, and more. For those who exclusively have hard floors or were only planning to use this on hard floors, this will be perfect for them. If you were looking to use this on your carpet or rug, then consider checking out our Tineco S3 vs Bissell Crosswave X7 review for a similar cordless mop and vacuum combo that will work for your needs.

Back to Tineco S3 vs S5 Pro, which of these has the better brush? In general, we found that the brushes were similar. They feel nearly the same against the hand and both perform quite well against both dry and wet messes. One difference we noted was that the Tineco S5 Pro brush had an easier time gliding across the floor.

One big difference, and we noted this in our Tineco Floor One S3 vs S5 review, is that S5 Pro has enhanced edge cleaning.

Both of these are good for edge cleaning, but S5 and S5 Pro are designed a little differently for better edge cleaning. The S3 brush roll is located in the center of the vacuum head while the S5 Pro brush is offset to the side. This allows it to get right against the edge for better cleaning.

They are similar, but we give the win to S5 Pro for the better feel and enhanced edge cleaning.

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Tineco S5 Pro vs S3: Suction

On the most basic level, vacuum suction is measured by watts. This determines the amount of power that is running the motor. More watts means that the brush is able to move faster and that the vacuum itself has better suction. While that often doesn’t explain the whole story (and we’ll get into that in a second), this is a good place to start.

So, which has the better wattage, Tineco Floor One S5 Pro or S3? They are actually the same here. Both of them are rated at 30W, which is actually very good. This gives the cordless Tineco vacuum more than enough power to suck up dry debris. It’s also good for sucking up water and leaving a dry floor.

While the power rating is good enough, there is one extra feature you get with S5 Pro that improves its overall performance.

Floor One S5 Pro Tineco has three suction modes that you can choose from: Auto, Max, and Suction. Auto allows the vacuum to judge the appropriate amount of power, Max makes it use maximum suction, and Suction means only dry cleaning.

This gives you more control over how you use the vacuum. While you get a fair amount of control with S3, you get much more with S5 Pro.

This is a tough one to judge. We’d say that S5 Pro wins here again, but S3 has the same amount of power and might be better if you want to save some money.

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Tineco Floor One S5 Pro vs S3: Water Tank

As smart vacuum and mop combos, both of these offer dry vacuuming along with water tanks for busting through stains and stuck on messes. Having a water tank allows you to mop your hard floors with ease, which is so helpful when wine, pasta, or other stains grace your floors.

While they both have water tanks, we found that they are different sizes. Like most modern wet dry vacuums, these have two water tanks. One is for clean water while the other is designated for dirty water. You load the clean tank with tap water (and cleaning solution for extra power), and the dirty tank is where the sucked up water goes.

This design keeps the two separated. You would otherwise be cleaning with dirty water, and that’s not hygienic.

  • The major difference between these two is the water tank size. Let’s compare them side by side so you can see the difference:
  • Tineco S3 Floor One Water Tanks: 0.6L Clean Water, 0.5L Dirty Water
  • Tineco S5 Pro Floor One Water Tanks: 0.8L Clean Water, 0.7L Dirty Water

As you can see, the S5 Pro has significantly larger water tanks. This lets you clean a larger space before having to refill (which is honestly rare, especially with this model). Both are good, but those with larger spaces will prefer the S5 Pro.

Tineco Floor One S3Tineco Floor One S5 Pro

Tineco S3 vs S5 Pro: Battery Life

Cordless vacuums rely entirely on their battery for power. Unlike traditional vacuums that can be run as long as you want (provided they’re plugged in), cordless models will only work as long as the battery has power.

That being said, the battery life for both of these is quite good. In fact, they offer the same battery life. You can get up to 35 minutes out of them with a full battery. Keep in mind that this is only at the lowest power setting. Most people get less only because they need to use more power, but you should have no problem cleaning your whole home before the battery dies.

Due to the extra power settings and enhanced control, we found that S5 Pro usually lasted a little longer on average. However, they were both roughly the same, so we’ll call this section a tie.

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Tineco Floor One S3 vs S5 Pro: Smarts

Tineco is known for offering app integration with their vacuums, and while both are similar on a superficial level, S5 Pro has an extra feature that makes it the best of the bunch.

Let’s start with the similarities. Both of these have a dedicated Tineco app that allows you to connect to the vacuum. You’ll get detailed information about the vacuum’s health and performance. The app also connects you with expert tips, and it makes it easier than ever to control your cleaning experience.

Another similarity is the iLoop dirt detection system. Both of these have the iLoop system and it senses nearby dirt and tells you exactly where it is. The ring will turn both red and blue. Blue spots are clean while red indicates that dirt is close by.

The difference is how the iLoop display looks. The Tineco Floor One S3 iLoop display is just a colored circle that’s red and blue. This is advanced when compared to nearly any other vacuum, but not when compared to the improved S5 Pro.

The Tineco Floor One S5 Pro iLoop display has a 3D model of the vacuum and floor. This gives you a much better view of where the dirt is so that you don’t miss it. Not only is it more impressive looking, but it’s also useful.

Both are good, but once again in our Tineco Floor One S3 vs Tineco Floor One S5 Pro review we find that S5 Pro is the better of the two.

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What is the Difference Between Tineco Floor One S3 and S5 Pro?

Curious about what is the difference between Tineco Floor One S5 Pro and S3? They are similar in many ways, but we found that S5 Pro was slightly to significantly better in every category.

They both have the same brush, but the S5 Pro brush glided across the floor and offered better edge cleaning. They both have the same suction power, but S5 Pro gives you more control over the power. While both offer two-tank technology, the S5 Pro water tanks were much bigger. You also get similar smart features, but S5 Pro comes with a 3D model of your floor with iLoop.

The only area where they were basically the same was battery life, though even there the enhanced control of S5 Pro makes it last a little longer.

You might also be wondering what is the difference between Tineco Floor One S5 and S5 Pro. They are very similar, but you get the enhanced iLoop system with S5 Pro along with better controls.

While you can save some money with S3, we think the much better value is S5 Pro.

Tineco Floor One S3Tineco Floor One S5 Pro

Final Thoughts

So, who wins in our Tineco Floor One S5 Pro vs Tineco Floor One S3 review? We found that S5 Pro was better in every category. While it does cost more, we think the extra cost is worth it because you’re getting much more. S3 is a great vacuum, and honestly it’s advanced when compared to most other vacuums in the same price range, but S5 Pro is clearly the victor.

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