Tineco Floor One S5 vs iFloor S3 (Best Vaccum Mop)

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Picking the right Tineco vacuum can seem really tough. They all look very similar, but a quick look at their specs will show you significant differences between them. Today we’re looking at one of their entry-level vacuums and comparing it to their premium offering. Our Tineco Floor One S5 vs iFloor 3 review will show you which of these is best for your cleaning needs.

Our Tineco iFloor 3 vs Floor One S5 review will compare these based on their brush, suction power, water tanks, battery life, software, and any other differences we can find.

If you want a Tineco vacuum at the lowest price, then iFloor 3 is a good choice. If you’re looking for all the features and power that Tineco can offer, then Floor One S5 is one of their best models.

Tineco Floor One S5Tineco iFloor 3


The brush itself is similar on both of these models. While we found that the Floor One brush is a little better at picking up messes, that’s not the real reason it wins here. Floor One S5 has enhanced edge cleaning with a very simple innovation. In fact, we’re surprised we don’t see it more often.

Both brushes here work on hard floors only. You can’t use either of these on rugs or carpets. That being said, you can use your Tineco vacuum on nearly any hard surface. They work well on tile, hardwood floors, sealed wood, laminate, and much more. The brushes are designed for both wet and dry messes. It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning up dirt or spilled milk. Both will clean your floor with ease.

The major difference between these two is that S5 Floor One has superior edge cleaning. Like most vacuums, the iFloor 3 brush is set in the middle of the vacuum head. However, the Floor One S5 brush is offset to the side. This lets it get right against the wall. The edges in your home have never been cleaner.

While they’re both similar, S5 wins this battle with its superior innovation.

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Tineco iFloor 3 vs Tineco Floor One S5: Suction

Despite the price difference and one model being entry-level and the other being premium, we were surprised to see that the suction power was basically the same on these two. It’s a tie here.

Rating suction can be difficult. We found that the most objective way to do it is to compare wattage. This is a measurement that lets you know how much power is going to the motor. More wattage means more speed and power, which equates to better suction.

Both wet dry Tineco vacuums here have 30W of suction power. That’s very good, especially when you consider that they only work on hard floors. You normally need stronger vacuums for carpets and rugs because the brush needs to dig into the fibers. Vacuums that only work on hard floors can often get away when less power because they aren’t fighting against the floor.

The benefit of having a strong vacuum like this is that it can easily get through tough messes, and it will pull up more water when you’re mopping the floor. This ensures that your floor dries quicker, and it gives you a cleaner floor overall.

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Tineco iFloor 3 vs Floor One S5: Water Tanks

Many cordless Tineco vacuums offer both wet and dry vacuuming. Wet vacuuming is like a mop, it’s able to bust through tough stains while also cleaning up sauce, wine, and other wet messes. While both of these offer dual water tank technology, we found that Floor One S5 offers larger tanks that can clean more space without refilling.

Both of these vacuums have a clean water tank and dirty water tank, otherwise known as dual tank technology. This separates the fresh and clean water from dirty water that’s sucked up from the floor. Unlike a mop where you have just one bucket, this is like having one bucket specifically for clean water and another for wringing out the mop. It keeps your floor clean and sanitary.

While they are similar, Floor One is better here as it has larger water tanks.

Floor One S5 offers a 0.8L clean water tank and a 0.7L dirty water tank. You’ll find that iFloor 3 offers a 0.6L clean water tank and a 0.5L dirty water tank. As you can see, both are quite good and you should have no problem cleaning multiple rooms with either vacuum. However, the S5 can clean much more without forcing you to stop and refill the tanks.

In terms of practicality, both are very good. However, it’s clear that S5 is the real winner here.

Tineco Floor One S5Tineco iFloor 3

Tineco Floor One S5 vs Tineco iFloor 3: Battery Life

As cordless Tineco vacuums, both of these models must rely on their battery in order to work. Most battery-powered vacuums have come a long way since the first ones that would only last a few minutes. While you should be able to clean multiple rooms or the whole house in one go, there is a difference in how long both of these lasts. To no one’s surprise, S5 is the winner once again.

In terms of Tineco Floor One S5 vs Tineco iFloor 3, both of these models offer good battery life, but one is much better than the other. The Tineco Floor One S5 battery life is up to 35 minutes while the Tineco iFloor 3 battery life is up to 25 minutes.

You might have noticed that I said “up to” for both of them. The 25 and 35 minute estimates are the longest you can expect to get. If the vacuum needs to use high-powered mode for tough stains or large messes, then this will consume more power.

In general though, you can still expect to get around 10 minutes more with S5. That may not sound like much, but keep in mind that most rooms only take a few minutes to vacuum. You can comfortably clean a few extra rooms before S5 runs out of juice.

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Tineco Floor One S5 vs iFloor 3: Software

Here’s one area where iFloor 3 really slips up. While Floor One S5 has been the winner overall in all sections, at least iFloor 3 had some similar features that were either a little weaker (like with the battery life), or smaller (like the water tanks). However, iFloor doesn’t offer any significant software features.

It does have an LED display that allows you to switch between different modes and that’s fine, but that’s the only software feature it has.

On the other hand, S5 Floor One offers a ton of features. You get app integration. This allows you to connect both your phone and vacuum so that you get notifications and detailed information about your vacuum. From performance and charging time to error messages and many other things, this gives you the full picture of your vacuum’s health.

That’s not all. S5 also has iLoop technology. This dirt detection system is able to scan your area and show you which areas are still messy. You’ll see this displayed as a compass with blue indicating clean and red indicating dirt. It’s simple to use and ensures that your room is clean.

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What is the Difference Between Tineco Floor One S5 and iFloor 3?

Curious about what is the difference between Tineco iFloor 3 and Floor One S5? Though they look similar and have some similar features, we found a good number of differences between them. In general, S5 gives you far more value, but iFloor 3 is at a better price.

While their brushes were basically the same, we loved how S5 was offset for enhanced edge cleaning. You also get water tanks here, but S5 had larger water tanks. Once again, S5 won with battery life as it lasts about 10 minutes longer than iFloor, which allows you to clean at least a few more rooms. Lastly, S5 offered far better software and app integration as iFloor completely lacked these features.

It’s easy to see who the winner is here. While you save money with iFloor 3, you are losing out on many features.

Tineco Floor One S5Tineco iFloor 3

Final Thoughts

Both of these vacuums are good, but who wins when it comes to Tineco iFloor 3 vs Tineco Floor One S5? While you can save some money with iFloor, Floor One S5 beats it in every way. It won every category aside from suction, and that one was a tie. We highly recommend S5 as you get much more power, battery life, water usage and more.