Tineco Floor One S3 vs Dreame H11 (Best Cordless Vacuum Mop Combo)

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Floor cleaners help you clean stubborn messes off hard floors without getting out the mop. Finding the right floor cleaner can be tough, especially when you have ones this good. Today our Tineco Floor One S3 vs Dreame H11 review will compare these two to see which is right for your home or apartment.

Our Dreame H11 vs Tineco Floor One S3 review will compare these based on their brush, suction, water tank, battery, and smarts. We’ll then see what other differences we can uncover.

Read on to find the best floor cleaner for wood, laminate, and more.

Tineco Floor One S3Dreametech H11 Cordless


You want to make sure the brush is capable of actually picking up tough messes. Not only that, but it’s useful to see what surfaces the brush can work on as some work on certain materials. Our Tineco Floor One S3 vs Dreametech H11 review found that these brushes were largely the same, but let’s really dive into them.

First of all, let’s talk about the surfaces they work on. Both of these are intended to clean hard floors. This includes hardwood, laminate, sealed wood, vinyl, and more.

Now, how efficient are they? These brushes are capable of cleaning wet and dry messes, pet hair, and they can both power through tough stains and messes left on your floor. Whether the job calls more for vacuuming or wet cleaning, the brush performs equally well no matter what you need.

They were also about equal with edge cleaning. These brushes are able to get close to the edge so that pesky dirt and messes won’t escape you. In general we couldn’t find a significant difference between either brush. They both performed quite well and were capable of cleaning a variety of messes.

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Dreametech H11 vs Tineco Floor One S3: Suction

How do you measure suction in vacuums? You normally look at the watts, which represents how much power is being driven to the motor. More watts means strong suction power.

The first thing we should talk about is whether these models can vacuum. Some floor cleaners are only capable of wet cleaning like a mop. The good news we found in our Dreametech H11 vs Tineco Floor One S3 review was that both are vacuum and mop combos. You can vacuum up dry messes and use the water tank for stains and wet messes.

Now, is there a difference in suction? There is actually a huge difference here, one much larger than we expected.

Tineco S3 is rated at 30W while Dreame H11 is rated at 170W. If we were only going by the numbers, then you can see that H11 Dreame has much stronger suction than Tineco. But let’s see how they actually performed.

Both with wet and dry messes we found that Dreame H11 was stronger and was able to clean better. However, we didn’t find that it was more than 5x effective, as the numbers would suggest. We instead felt that we had more power (most when vacuuming, not as much when mopping) and that it required fewer passes.

They were surprisingly similar, though we in general found that H11 Dreametech was more effective. That being said, S3 Tineco wasn’t that far behind.

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Dreame H11 vs Tineco Floor One S3: Water Tank

Both of these include water tanks to power through stains, clean up wet messes, and to make mopping a breeze on your hard floors. Just like other floor cleaners we’ve reviewed, both of these have different water tanks.

The first thing we ensure is that the models have two tanks. While some cheap floor cleaners have one tank, this is a bad design. It means both the clean and dirty waters are mixing in that single tank. A dual-tank design means you put the clean water in one tank while the dirty water is sucked up into another tank.

Let’s compare the different capacities to see if one is better than the other.

  • Tineco Floor One S3 Water Tank: 0.6L clean water, 0.5L dirty water
  • Dreame H11 Water Tank: 0.7L clean water, 0.4L dirty water

They are nearly identical, so you might be wondering if one is best. While we’d be happy with either, we think Tineco is a little better here because it’s more balanced.

While Dreame has a larger clean water tank (which allows you to clean a larger space without refilling), you might find yourself having to pause to empty the dirty water tank more often. That’s because this tank is about half the size of the clean water tank.

The Tineco S3 water tanks though are balanced. They are almost the same size, so you’ll commonly find that the dirty water tank is full when the clean one is empty.

That being said, you’ll find they function quite similarly when cleaning your floors. They can both clean a few rooms with ease while holding a good amount of dirty water.

Tineco Floor One S3Dreametech H11 Cordless

Tineco Floor One S3 vs Dreametech H11: Battery Life

Wireless vacuum and mop combos run on batteries, which means they can only work for a limited time before being charged. The good news is that most modern wireless floor cleaners are able to last long enough to clean the whole house with ease.

Is there a difference in the battery life here? We found that there is. Some people might see it as a significant difference (and it is in a relative sense) while others will see this basically as a tie.

Let’s compare them side to side:

  • Tineco Floor One S3 Battery Life: 35 minutes
  • Dreametech H11 Battery Life: 30 minutes

That’s a 5 minute difference between them with Tineco being the winner here. There are several factors to consider here. First, this is the battery life on the lowest setting. You can manually select the lowest power, or you can allow the vacuum to automatically use the right amount of power for the job (which we suggest). This might lower the overall battery life, but you can still finish the whole home.

Then there’s the conversation about the 5 minutes. Some will see this as a small difference because you can maybe clean one extra room in 5 minutes. Others will understand that most current wireless vacuums last between 30-60 minutes, so a 5-minute difference is significant in a relative sense.

In either case, Tineco wins here, but Dreame offers nearly the same amount of battery life.

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Tineco Floor One S3 vs Dreame H11: Smarts

Their displays might look similar and these wet and dry vacuums look nearly the same, but there is a big difference here. Tineco is the big winner here for app integration and iLoop dirt detection, though Dreame puts up a good fight with its intuitive display.

Let’s start with the display first. Both of these have surprisingly intuitive displays (especially when compared to other vacuums) that show you battery life, power, errors, notifications, and more. Honestly, these are the most attractive displays we’ve seen for any vacuum.

However, there is one very big difference here. You’ll notice a red and blue ring around the Tineco Floor One display. This is the iLoop dirt detection system. Blue means that direction is clean while red signifies nearby dirt and debris. You’ll find it easier than ever to clean your home.

Dreame lacks this, but surprisingly enough it has a very similar looking ring. Why is that? Well, if we were doing a Tineco Floor One S3 vs Dreame H11 Max review, then things would be a little different. This ring is present on the H11 Max display and it has a similar dirt detection system.

Then there’s app integration. Tineco S3 has a dedicated app that allows you to monitor the vacuum, get alerts, see the overall health of your vacuum, and to get assistance when something is wrong. Neither Dreame H11 or H11 Max include this feature.

Dreame H11 is good and has a beautiful display, but Tineco is far better.

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What is the Difference Between Tineco Floor One S3 and Dreame H11?

Curious about what is the difference between Dreame H11 and Tineco Floor One S3? While these vacuums look very similar, and do indeed have similar features in some regards, there are several differences we found.

First, let’s see the similarities. Both of these have effective brushes that easily clean wet and dry messes, self-clean when running, and are great for edge cleaning. They also have similar clean and dirty water tanks that can power through tough stains. Another similarity is they both have very beautiful and intuitive displays.

In terms of suction, Dreame H11 is much stronger, though Tineco isn’t that far behind in terms of real-world performance.

Tineco S3 wins in terms of battery life by 5 minutes, has app integration, and includes the iLoop dirt detection system. Even if you choose H11 Max, while it comes with dirt detection, neither version has the same app integration you find with Tinco.

It comes down to what you prefer, but overall we’d say that Tineco wins. But, Dreame is better in some regards.

Tineco Floor One S3Dreametech H11 Cordless

Final Thoughts

So, who wins between Tineco Floor One S3 vs Dreame H11? In general, we’d say that Tineco is the winner here. While Dreame H11 has better suction and is better with self-cleaning, Tineco is better when it comes to battery life, app integration, and dirt detection. But, a lot of people would like Dreame for its stronger motor.