Bissell CleanView vs PowerForce: Battle of the Bissells

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Diving into the world of vacuum cleaners can be overwhelming, but when it comes to Bissell, two models often stand out: the Bissell CleanView and the Bissell PowerForce. These two stalwarts of cleanliness have carved out their niches in homes around the globe. Our Bissell CleanView vs PowerForce review will delve deeper into their features, performance, and overall value.

FeatureBissell CleanViewBissell PowerForce
Brush Roll TypeTriple ActionStandard
Swivel SteeringYesNo
Cord Length27 ft25 ft
Filtration SystemMulti-LevelStandard
Pet ToolsYesNo
Weight15 lbs11 lbs
Dirt Tank Capacity1.0 L1.0 L

Cleaning Performance – Bissell CleanView vs PowerForce

Bissell CleanView: Renowned for its powerful suction and Triple-Action Brush Roll, the CleanView is a godsend for pet owners. The brush roll is designed to lift, loosen, and remove embedded dirt and pet hair from various surfaces. It performs exceptionally well on low to medium-pile carpets, though its performance on high-pile carpets can be less effective. The CleanView shines on bare floors, where its suction power and brush roll design prevent the scattering of debris, making it ideal for homes with a variety of floor types.

Bissell PowerForce: The PowerForce Helix excels in handling low and medium-pile carpets, providing a deep clean with its efficient brush roll system. While it can struggle with high-pile carpets, its performance in these areas is commendable for its price point. Unlike the CleanView, the PowerForce does not boast a triple-action brush roll, making it less effective at picking up pet hair and larger debris. However, its suction power is robust, and it offers a comfortable cleaning experience on most surfaces.

Design and Usability – Bissell PowerForce vs CleanView

Bissell CleanView: This model is known for its user-friendly design, featuring swivel steering and a lightweight frame that enhances maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces. The CleanView is equipped with a large capacity dirt tank and specialized pet tools, further enhancing its appeal to pet owners. However, it does not feature automatic cord rewind, a minor inconvenience compared to its overall functionality.

Bissell PowerForce: With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, the PowerForce offers a more traditional vacuuming experience. It lacks the swivel steering of the CleanView, which can make navigation slightly more cumbersome. However, it compensates with a lighter build and a larger dirt compartment, making it easier to maintain and reducing the frequency of emptying.

Major Differences

The main distinctions between the Bissell CleanView and PowerForce lie in their intended use and design features. The CleanView, with its pet-friendly brush roll and swivel steering, is tailored towards households with pets and a variety of floor types. The PowerForce, on the other hand, caters to those who prefer a straightforward, no-frills vacuuming experience, particularly on carpeted surfaces.

When deciding between the two, consider your specific needs: the variety of flooring in your home, whether you have pets, and your preference for maneuverability versus simplicity.

In summary, both vacuums offer compelling features for their respective audiences. The CleanView caters to pet owners and those with mixed flooring, while the PowerForce is an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight, no-nonsense cleaner for carpeted areas.

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FeatureBissell CleanViewBissell PowerForce
Brush Roll TypeTriple ActionStandard
Swivel SteeringYesNo
Cord Length27 ft25 ft
Filtration SystemMulti-LevelStandard
Pet ToolsYesNo
Weight15 lbs11 lbs
Dirt Tank Capacity1.0 L1.0 L

Detailed Questions on Bissell CleanView vs PowerForce

1. What makes the Bissell CleanView more suitable for pet owners compared to the PowerForce?

The Bissell CleanView is designed with pet owners in mind, featuring a Triple Action Brush Roll that excels at picking up pet hair from various surfaces. This brush roll not only lifts and removes embedded hair and dirt but also prevents the hair from getting tangled around the brush, which is a common issue when cleaning pet-infested areas. Furthermore, the CleanView comes with specialized pet tools that enhance its ability to remove pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and other hard-to-reach places.

On the other hand, the Bissell PowerForce lacks these pet-specific features. While it still delivers adequate suction power, its standard brush roll does not cater specifically to pet hair removal. This makes it less effective than the CleanView in homes with multiple pets or for those who frequently deal with shedding.

In essence, the CleanView’s targeted pet tools and superior brush roll design make it the superior choice for pet owners. The vacuum’s design ensures thorough cleaning of pet hair without the hassle of constant brush roll cleaning, thereby saving time and energy. Additionally, its filtration system aids in reducing pet odors and allergens, contributing to a cleaner, fresher home environment.

  • Bissell CleanView: Designed for pet owners with Triple Action Brush Roll and specialized pet tools.
  • Bissell PowerForce: Standard brush roll, less effective for pet hair.
  • Suitability: CleanView is better suited for homes with pets.

2. How do the weight and maneuverability of the Bissell CleanView and PowerForce compare?

The Bissell CleanView boasts swivel steering and a lightweight design, making it highly maneuverable around furniture and other obstacles. This feature is particularly beneficial for cleaning under and around items without the need to constantly lift or reposition the vacuum. The light frame combined with swivel steering ensures that users can clean for longer periods without fatigue, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.

In contrast, the Bissell PowerForce is slightly lighter than the CleanView but lacks swivel steering. This can make the PowerForce less agile, requiring more effort to navigate around obstacles and in tight spaces. However, its lighter weight still makes it relatively easy to move from room to room and up and down stairs, although the maneuverability might not be as refined as the CleanView.

Overall, while the PowerForce may have an edge in terms of weight, the CleanView’s swivel steering and ergonomic design provide a smoother and more comfortable cleaning experience. The ease of maneuverability is a crucial factor for users with larger homes or more furniture, making the CleanView a preferable option for many.

  • Bissell CleanView: Lightweight with swivel steering for easy maneuverability.
  • Bissell PowerForce: Slightly lighter but lacks swivel steering.
  • Maneuverability: CleanView offers a smoother and more flexible cleaning experience.

3. How does the filtration system in the Bissell CleanView compare to the PowerForce, and what are the implications for allergy sufferers?

The Bissell CleanView is equipped with a multi-level filtration system that captures fine dust and allergens, reducing the amount of airborne particles released back into the environment during vacuuming. Although not equipped with a HEPA filter, the system is adequate for trapping common household allergens, making it a suitable option for those with mild allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

The Bissell PowerForce, on the other hand, also features a multi-layer filtration system, but it does not offer the same level of allergen containment as the CleanView. The absence of a more sophisticated filtration system may result in more allergens being expelled back into the air, which could be a concern for individuals with severe allergies or asthma.

For allergy sufferers, the choice between the two vacuums may boil down to the level of filtration required. While neither vacuum offers a sealed HEPA system, the CleanView’s superior filtration makes it the better option for reducing household allergens. Those with serious allergies may need to consider vacuums with sealed systems and true HEPA filters for optimal indoor air quality.

  • Bissell CleanView: Multi-level filtration, better for mild allergies.
  • Bissell PowerForce: Standard filtration, less ideal for severe allergy sufferers.
  • Implications: CleanView is preferable for households with allergy concerns.

4. What are the cord length differences between the Bissell CleanView and PowerForce, and how do they affect the cleaning range?

The Bissell CleanView features a 27-foot cord, providing a generous cleaning radius that allows users to cover a large area without the need to constantly change power outlets. This extended cord length is especially beneficial for larger homes or spaces with fewer electrical outlets, as it reduces interruptions and enhances cleaning efficiency.

The Bissell PowerForce has a shorter cord compared to the CleanView, which could limit the cleaning range and require more frequent outlet changes. While the difference in cord length may not be significant in smaller homes or rooms, it can become a notable inconvenience in larger spaces, leading to increased cleaning time and reduced convenience.

Ultimately, the longer cord of the CleanView provides greater flexibility and convenience, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning sessions across larger areas. Users with bigger homes or those who prefer not to switch outlets frequently would benefit more from the CleanView’s extended reach.

  • Bissell CleanView: 27-foot cord, larger cleaning range.
  • Bissell PowerForce: Shorter cord, may require more outlet changes.
  • Cleaning Range: CleanView offers greater convenience for larger spaces.

5. How does the cleaning head width of the Bissell CleanView compare to the PowerForce, and what impact does this have on cleaning efficiency?

The Bissell CleanView offers a wide cleaning head that covers more surface area with each pass, reducing the time and effort needed to clean large areas. This feature is particularly advantageous for users with spacious rooms or open floor plans, as it enables quicker, more efficient cleaning sessions.

The Bissell PowerForce features a narrower cleaning head compared to the CleanView. While this may result in needing more passes to cover the same area, the smaller head can be beneficial for cleaning tighter spaces and around furniture. The narrower head allows for better access to nooks and crannies, although it may increase the overall cleaning time for larger areas.

In summary, the wider cleaning head of the CleanView is ideal for users looking to maximize efficiency in larger spaces. Conversely, the PowerForce’s narrower head offers better maneuverability in confined spaces. Users should consider their typical cleaning environments and preferences when choosing between the two models.

  • Bissell CleanView: Wider cleaning head, better for large areas.
  • Bissell PowerForce: Narrower cleaning head, better for small spaces and maneuverability.
  • Cleaning Efficiency: CleanView is more efficient for large spaces, while PowerForce excels in tighter areas.

Bissell CleanView vs PowerForce FAQ

Q: Are both the Bissell CleanView and PowerForce suitable for hardwood floors? A: Yes, both vacuums can clean hardwood floors, but the CleanView offers better control with its swivel steering.

Q: Can the filter systems in both vacuums capture pet hair effectively? A: Yes, both vacuums are capable of capturing pet hair, but the CleanView is specifically designed with pet owners in mind.

Q: Do either of the vacuums feature a bagless design? A: Yes, both the CleanView and PowerForce are bagless, making debris disposal easy and cost-effective.

Q: Is either vacuum equipped with automatic cord rewind? A: No, neither the CleanView nor the PowerForce models feature automatic cord rewind.

Q: Are the cleaning heads on both vacuums adjustable for different floor types? A: Yes, both models have adjustable cleaning heads, but the CleanView offers a broader range of height adjustments.

Q: Which vacuum is lighter, the CleanView or the PowerForce? A: The PowerForce is generally lighter than the CleanView, making it easier to carry and maneuver.

Q: Do both models come with onboard tool storage? A: Yes, both vacuums come equipped with onboard tool storage for convenience.

Q: Can I use the Bissell CleanView or PowerForce to clean upholstery? A: Yes, both vacuums can be used to clean upholstery, especially with the included specialized tools.

Q: Are the filters in both vacuums washable? A: Yes, both models feature washable filters, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Q: Which vacuum is better for deep carpet cleaning? A: Both vacuums perform well on carpets, but the CleanView’s Triple Action Brush Roll may offer a slight edge in deep cleaning.