Bissell CleanView 2252 vs Shark Navigator Review

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Our Bissell CleanView 2252 vs Shark Navigator review is here to help you find which is the best vacuum. Both models have established themselves as formidable players in the vacuum cleaner market, but they cater to different preferences and cleaning needs. Let’s delve into their features, pros and cons, and key differences to help you decide which vacuum is the right fit for your home.

FeatureBissell CleanView 2252Shark Navigator
Brush RollTriple-action, anti-hair wrapTwo settings with shutoff for bare floors
DesignSwivel steering, no lift-awayLift-away canister, swivel steering
FiltrationMulti-level filtrationSealed HEPA filter
Noise LevelHigher, with a high-pitched noiseLower, more tolerable noise level

Performance on Different Floor Types

The Bissell CleanView 2252 and Shark Navigator both promise effective cleaning across a variety of floor types. The Bissell 2252 boasts a triple-action brush roll that efficiently picks up pet hair and debris without tangling, making it particularly suitable for homes with pets. Its adjustable head height adds versatility, allowing smooth transitions from hard floors to carpets.

In contrast, the Shark Navigator shines with its brush roll shutoff feature, enabling effective bare floor cleaning without scattering debris. This makes it a strong contender for homes with a mix of carpet and hard flooring. Its suction control ring is a standout feature, allowing users to adjust the vacuum’s strength based on the surface being cleaned, from plush carpets to delicate hardwood.

Design and Usability

The design and usability of a vacuum cleaner can greatly influence the cleaning experience. The Shark Navigator scores points with its lift-away canister, enhancing portability and ease of cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. This feature is particularly useful for vacuuming stairs, upholstery, and other above-floor surfaces.

The Bissell CleanView 2252, while lacking a lift-away canister, offers excellent maneuverability thanks to its swivel steering and lightweight design. Its large capacity dirt tank and specialized pet tools cater to pet owners, making pet hair removal a breeze. However, its noise level and lack of a brush roll shutoff may deter some users.

Filtration and Allergen Control

Filtration is a crucial aspect for allergy sufferers. The Shark Navigator takes the lead in this category with its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter, trapping 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. This feature provides a significant advantage for individuals with allergies or asthma.

While the Bissell CleanView 2252 features multi-level filtration, it lacks the sealed system that the Shark offers. Although it performs adequately in capturing dust and particles, it may not be the best option for those with severe allergies.

Major Differences

The major differences between the Bissell CleanView 2252 and Shark Navigator lie in their design features and specific functionalities tailored to different cleaning needs. The Shark’s lift-away canister and superior filtration system cater to users needing versatility and allergen control. In contrast, the Bissell’s specialized pet tools and adjustable brush roll height cater to pet owners and those with varied flooring.

The choice between the two will largely depend on your specific cleaning requirements, whether they lean more towards pet hair removal or allergen reduction.

By weighing these aspects against your personal preferences and cleaning needs, you can make an informed decision between the Bissell CleanView 2252 and the Shark Navigator. Each offers unique benefits, whether you’re battling pet hair, navigating diverse floor types, or prioritizing allergen control.

FeatureBissell CleanView 2252Shark Navigator
Brush RollTriple-action, anti-hair wrapTwo settings with shutoff for bare floors
DesignSwivel steering, no lift-awayLift-away canister, swivel steering
FiltrationMulti-level filtrationSealed HEPA filter
Noise LevelHigher, with a high-pitched noiseLower, more tolerable noise level

Detailed Questions on Bissell CleanView 2252 vs Shark Navigator

1. How does the brush roll design differ between Bissell CleanView 2252 and Shark Navigator and what are the implications for users?

The Bissell CleanView 2252 features a triple-action brush roll designed specifically to lift, loosen, and remove embedded pet hair and dirt from various surfaces without getting tangled. This design is particularly advantageous for pet owners who struggle with hair wrap around the brush roll. The triple-action system ensures efficient pickup of pet hair and debris, leading to cleaner floors and easier maintenance.

The Shark Navigator, on the other hand, offers a two-setting brush roll system that can be turned off for hard floor cleaning. This feature allows users to switch between carpet and hard floor cleaning modes without scattering debris, making it versatile for homes with mixed flooring. However, the Shark Navigator does not have a specialized anti-hair wrap technology like the Bissell, which can be a drawback for those dealing with long pet hairs.

While the Bissell CleanView excels in preventing hair wrap and is ideal for pet owners, the Shark Navigator offers greater versatility with its brush roll shutoff feature for different floor types. This makes the Shark more suited for homes with a variety of surfaces but may require more frequent cleaning of the brush roll for pet owners.

  • Bissell CleanView 2252: Triple-action brush roll, less hair wrap, ideal for pet owners.
  • Shark Navigator: Brush roll shutoff for versatile cleaning, but no anti-hair wrap feature.

2. What are the advantages of the adjustable head height on the Bissell CleanView 2252 compared to the fixed head of the Shark Navigator?

The Bissell CleanView 2252’s adjustable head height is a significant advantage for households with different types of flooring. This feature allows the vacuum to adapt to various surfaces, from high-pile carpets to flat hard floors, by simply adjusting the height of the cleaning head. This adaptability ensures optimal suction and cleaning performance across different surfaces without the risk of damaging delicate flooring or leaving behind dirt on thicker carpets.

On the other hand, the Shark Navigator lacks an adjustable head height, which could limit its effectiveness on certain types of flooring, particularly high-pile carpets or delicate hard floors. While the Shark’s suction control can somewhat compensate for this, it does not offer the same level of precision as a height-adjustable head, potentially leading to less effective cleaning on certain surfaces.

In summary, the adjustable head height of the Bissell CleanView 2252 provides a tailored cleaning experience, ensuring effective debris removal on all floor types. The Shark Navigator, while still versatile, may not perform as well on extreme ends of the flooring spectrum due to its fixed head height.

  • Bissell CleanView 2252: Adjustable head height for versatile surface cleaning.
  • Shark Navigator: Fixed head may limit effectiveness on varied flooring types.

3. How does the filtration system of the Shark Navigator compare to the Bissell CleanView 2252, and what impact does this have on users, particularly those with allergies?

The Shark Navigator boasts a superior filtration system with its Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology paired with a HEPA filter. This combination ensures that 99.9% of dust and allergens are trapped inside the vacuum, reducing the allergens released back into the air. This feature is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers or anyone concerned about indoor air quality, as it helps create a healthier home environment.

The Bissell CleanView 2252, while equipped with a multi-level filtration system, does not feature the same sealed system or HEPA filtration as the Shark. This means that while it does capture a significant amount of dust and particles, it may not be as effective in reducing allergens in the home. For individuals with allergies or respiratory issues, this difference could be a deciding factor in choosing a vacuum.

Ultimately, the Shark Navigator’s filtration system offers a clear advantage for those concerned with allergens and indoor air quality. The Bissell CleanView 2252 still provides adequate filtration for everyday cleaning but may not meet the needs of those with higher sensitivity to dust and allergens.

  • Shark Navigator: Superior HEPA filtration, ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Bissell CleanView 2252: Standard filtration, adequate for regular cleaning but less ideal for allergies.

4. In terms of noise and convenience, how do the Bissell CleanView 2252 and Shark Navigator compare?

The Bissell CleanView 2252 is known to produce a higher noise level during operation, which could be a concern for households with noise-sensitive members or pets. The high-pitched whistling noise emitted can be particularly bothersome for extended cleaning sessions, potentially limiting the time and comfort of vacuuming tasks.

Conversely, the Shark Navigator operates at a lower decibel level, making it a quieter option compared to the Bissell. This reduced noise level can contribute to a more pleasant cleaning experience, allowing for vacuuming at more varied hours without disturbing other household members or neighbors.

In terms of convenience, the Shark Navigator’s lift-away canister design offers a significant advantage, providing flexibility and ease of cleaning for above-floor areas. While the Bissell CleanView 2252 offers excellent maneuverability and pet hair removal, its lack of a detachable canister may make it less convenient for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach areas.

  • Shark Navigator: Quieter operation and lift-away canister for added convenience.
  • Bissell CleanView 2252: Louder noise level, less convenient for above-floor cleaning.

5. Considering the price and value, how do the Bissell CleanView 2252 and Shark Navigator stack up against each other?

The Bissell CleanView 2252 generally offers great value for its price, especially for pet owners and those in need of effective hair removal. The vacuum provides powerful suction, a triple-action brush roll, and specialized pet tools, making it a cost-effective choice for those prioritizing pet hair cleanup and floor versatility without breaking the bank.

The Shark Navigator, while typically priced higher than the Bissell, offers additional features that justify the cost for certain users. The lift-away canister, superior filtration system, and quieter operation provide added value, particularly for those with allergies, noise sensitivity, or a need for versatile above-floor cleaning.

When comparing the two, potential buyers should consider their specific needs and preferences. The Bissell CleanView 2252 offers excellent performance at a more budget-friendly price, particularly for tackling pet hair and floor cleaning. The Shark Navigator, on the other hand, provides enhanced filtration and convenience features that may be worth the extra investment for certain households.

  • Bissell CleanView 2252: Budget-friendly, great for pet hair and basic floor cleaning.
  • Shark Navigator: Higher price, but offers added features like superior filtration and lift-away canister.

FAQs on Bissell CleanView 2252 vs Shark Navigator

Q: Can either vacuum handle large debris? A: Both can handle large debris, but the Bissell’s design may prevent hair wrap more effectively.

Q: Are both vacuums suitable for hardwood floors? A: Yes, but the Shark’s brush roll shutoff feature makes it particularly effective on bare floors.

Q: Do either of the vacuums come with specialized pet tools? A: The Bissell CleanView 2252 comes with specialized pet tools, enhancing its pet hair removal capability.

Q: Can the Shark Navigator’s canister be used for car cleaning? A: Yes, the lift-away canister is ideal for cleaning cars and other above-floor areas.

Q: Is the filtration system in the Bissell sufficient for allergy sufferers? A: While adequate, it may not be as effective as the Shark Navigator’s sealed HEPA system for those with allergies.

Q: Are the cleaning heads on both vacuums washable? A: Check the manufacturer’s guidelines, but typically, certain components can be washed.

Q: Can the Shark Navigator’s suction power be adjusted for delicate rugs? A: Yes, the suction power can be adjusted to suit different floor types and conditions.

Q: How long are the cords for each vacuum? A: The Bissell CleanView 2252 and Shark Navigator have cord lengths that vary, so check the specific model details.

Q: Do both vacuums require regular filter replacements? A: Yes, regular filter maintenance is recommended for optimal performance.

Q: Which vacuum is heavier and harder to maneuver? A: While both are designed for ease of use, the Bissell CleanView 2252 is generally lighter than the Shark Navigator.

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