Roomba 675 Review: Is It Any Good?

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Everyone wants to know if the Roomba 675 is worth the money. Roomba is a quality brand with many years of experience under their belt. They practically formed the robot vacuum market, and they’re still the leaders of it today. However, the 675 is one of their entry-level models. Our Roomba 675 review will show you if this vacuum is really worth the money or not.

We will go through navigation, suction power, battery life, software, and sound levels to show you if this vacuum deserves a spot in your home.

iRobot Roomba 675


Roomba’s currently have two types of navigation: Adaptive and Neat Rows. Both are good, but you’ll notice that premium models have Neat Rows while the mid-tier and affordable units have Adaptive. Neat Rows means that the smart vacuum will go up and down along the room and get every corner of the room before returning to the dock.

So what does Adaptive mean? This means the vacuum adapts to your environment. It scans for dirt and goes towards it. It will do its best to get the whole room and it will generate an internal map while doing so. Adaptive tends to be better in rooms where things change (such as objects moving), but there is the chance that it will miss certain areas without human intervention.

What about virtual barriers? For new owners, these are barriers you place down that tell the vacuum to stop and turn around. It’s useful in areas with lots of wires, stairs, open holes (like grates), and so on. You can get up to two virtual barriers with the 675 vacuum, and you can buy additional ones separately if needed.

Overall, this is a good navigation pattern. It will ensure the vacuum gets under furniture, around corners, and it will avoid dangerous “cliffs” like stairs and other similar points.

Suction Power

Our Roomba 675 review found that this comes with Roomba’s patented Auto-Adjusting Cleaning Head. This technology adjusts the cleaning head based on whether it’s going over hard floors, carpets, or even deep carpeting. That’s great because it will change its power and brushes so that it does the best job possible for the floor. It can also clean along edges.

That being said, this is an affordable Roomba model. Some of the top models have 10x or 40x suction power. This one has standard power, so don’t expect it to quickly clean up big messes. It’s best for light messes and daily vacuuming, but it might struggle if your floors are really dirty.

Consider something stronger like the Roomba s9 or Roomba i7 if you need power. If you just need something for routine cleaning, then the Roomba 675 should be fine.

iRobot Roomba 675

Battery Life

How long does the iRobot Roomba 675 last? The battery life is ideally 90 minutes before the vacuum returns to its dock. That 90 minutes would be on the lightest setting possible and assumes that the vacuum doesn’t need to go over an area multiple times to suck up dirt.

What is the realistic battery life? You can expect closer to 60 minutes, which is still pretty good. The vacuum should get back to its dock to charge and start from wherever it left off. However, there will be times when the battery dies before it does this. It’s uncommon, but you may have to help the vacuum return to its dock. This happens most often if there is a lot of dirt, but again, it’s quite uncommon.

The iRobot Roomba 675 will definitely finish your whole house. It might need to charge once or twice between cleanings, but it will be sure to clean everything.


The iRobot Roomba 675 might be an entry-level smart vacuum, but it still has powerful Roomba software coursing through its veins. The iRobot app allows you to connect directly to the 675 and it allows you to set cleaning schedules (like the days and times). You should also receive alerts when the cleaning is finished.

The app does much more than that. It gives you a health report to show you if anything needs to be changed, and it shows battery life and brush warnings if they need to be replaced. Roomba also does firmware updates, so there might be new features in the future.

You can also use voice commands. Pair this with Alexa or Google Home and you can control the vacuum with your voice. It’s great for those who love home automation, and it’s just cool to wield that sort of power (you know it is, don’t lie).


Some people have complained about the sound, but this seems like a matter of tolerance. Our Roomba 675 review found that this robot vacuum sounds like a fan on a medium or high setting. Or like a noticeable vacuum sound. You’ll hear it, that much is certain, but most people shouldn’t find it annoying.

You’ll hear it working in the background, but it shouldn’t take away from you living your life, watching TV, or talking with others. It might get somewhat louder as it ages, but even then, it shouldn’t be annoying.

If you want whisper quiet, then you won’t get it with the iRobot Roomba 675. If you don’t mind hearing something in the background akin to a vacuum or fan noise, then you should be perfectly fine with this.

iRobot Roomba 675

Final Thoughts

So, what is our Roomba 675 review conclusion? This isn’t Roomba’s strongest model, but that should be obvious from the price. This is made to be an entry-level model and it fulfills that role quite well. There are stronger and quieter models, but those are significantly more expensive.

If you want a taste of what Roomba is like but don’t want to spend $500+, then this should be fine. It navigates well, you can pair it with virtual barriers, the app and software is great, and it does a good job of picking up dirt. You will hear it running and it doesn’t have the intense 40x suction power of the Roomba s9, but it’s good for daily cleaning.