Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro: A Detailed Comparison

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The Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro debate has surged in popularity recently, especially among homeowners seeking the best cleaning solution for their floors. Both models come from a renowned brand and promise efficient cleaning. But which one truly stands out? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the features, advantages, and differences between the two.

FeatureBissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro
BrushMulti-surface brush rollTangle-free pet brush roll
SuctionStrongStrong with pet-specific enhancements
Water TankTwo-tank systemTwo-tank system with pet hair strainer
Extra FeaturesSmart-touch controlsMulti-surface cleaning with pet formula, Pet hair strainer
ProductBissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro

Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell Crosswave is a revolutionary multi-surface cleaner that allows users to vacuum and wash floors simultaneously.


  • Brush: The Crosswave comes equipped with a multi-surface brush roll, which is perfect for cleaning various types of floors, from tiles to rugs.
  • Suction: Bissell’s powerful suction technology ensures that all dirt and debris are lifted effortlessly, even from tricky spots.
  • Water Tank: The machine boasts a two-tank system, which keeps clean and dirty water separate. This ensures a consistent cleaning process without contamination.
Bissell Crosswave


  • Dual-action brush roll
  • Two-tank system
  • Smart-touch controls on the handle

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is a variation of the original Crosswave, designed specifically for homes with pets.


  • Brush: The Pet Pro comes with a specialized pet brush roll, making it more efficient at picking up pet hair and messes.
  • Suction: Like the Crosswave, it also boasts strong suction but with added features to target pet hair and debris.
  • Water Tank: The Pet Pro also utilizes the two-tank system for optimum cleaning performance without mixing clean and dirty water.
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro


  • Tangle-free pet brush roll
  • Pet hair strainer for easier tank emptying
  • Multi-surface cleaning with pet formula


Suction is a paramount factor for a vacuum’s effectiveness. Both the Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro are designed to offer powerful suction, ensuring thorough cleaning. However, the Pet Pro has been engineered with enhanced suction specifically tailored to handle challenging pet messes. This optimization makes it a preferable choice for households with furry companions, ensuring that pet hair and other related debris are effortlessly picked up.

  • Consistent Power: Both models deliver strong suction to cater to various cleaning needs.
  • Enhanced Suction in Pet Pro: Specifically designed for pet-related messes.
  • Advantage: Pet Pro stands out in homes with pets due to its enhanced suction.

Water Tank

A distinct feature of the Crosswave series is its ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, necessitating an efficient water tank system. Both models use a two-tank system, ensuring a separation between clean and dirty water. This design helps in delivering clean water to the floors while storing the dirty water separately. The Pet Pro, however, has an edge with its pet hair strainer, making the tank emptying process more efficient, especially after cleaning up pet hair.

  • Two-tank System: Both models separate clean and dirty water effectively.
  • Pet Hair Strainer in Pet Pro: Facilitates more effortless tank emptying.
  • Advantage: Pet Pro offers a slight advantage with its strainer system.

Extra Features

Bissell always aims to offer more to its users. While both models can handle various floor types, the Pet Pro comes with specialized solutions like the pet formula for efficient cleaning. This formula is designed to tackle pet odors and give a fresh scent after cleaning. Another feature unique to the Pet Pro is its pet hair strainer, aiding in more effortless tank maintenance.

  • Multi-surface Cleaning: Offered by both models.
  • Pet Pro Features: Includes a pet formula and a pet hair strainer.
  • Advantage: Pet Pro is tailored for pet owners with its extra features.

Difference Between Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro

While both models share many features due to being from the same Crosswave series, they cater to slightly different audiences. The standard Crosswave is versatile and efficient for general household cleaning, irrespective of having pets or not. The Pet Pro, as its name suggests, is specially designed for households with pets. With features like the pet brush, enhanced suction for pet messes, and the pet formula, it offers a more tailored cleaning experience for pet owners.

  • Core Similarities: Both are from the Crosswave series, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Tailored for Pet Owners: Pet Pro offers specific features to enhance cleaning in homes with pets.
  • Advantage: Depending on the household needs, either can be a perfect fit.

Product Comparison Table

FeatureBissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro
BrushMulti-surface brush rollTangle-free pet brush roll
SuctionStrongStrong with pet-specific enhancements
Water TankTwo-tank systemTwo-tank system with pet hair strainer
Extra FeaturesSmart-touch controlsMulti-surface cleaning with pet formula, Pet hair strainer
ProductBissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro


1. Which one is better for homes with pets?

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is specifically designed for homes with pets. It comes with a tangle-free pet brush roll and pet hair strainer which makes cleaning pet messes easier and more efficient. Additionally, it uses a pet formula to ensure thorough cleaning.

  • Designed for pet homes: Pet Pro has specialized features to tackle pet hair and messes.
  • Pet-specific brush: Tangle-free brush ideal for long pet hairs.
  • Pet formula: Ensures deeper cleaning on surfaces with pet messes.

2. Do both models allow for wet and dry cleaning?

Yes, both the Bissell Crosswave and the Pet Pro allow for simultaneous vacuuming and washing of floors. This 2-in-1 functionality makes them highly versatile and perfect for quick clean-ups.

  • 2-in-1 functionality: Both models vacuum and wash at the same time.
  • Time-saving: No need to vacuum first and then mop.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various surfaces, from tiles to rugs.

3. Are both models cordless?

Neither the Bissell Crosswave nor the Pet Pro are cordless models. Both require a power source to operate, which ensures consistent suction and cleaning power throughout their usage.

  • Consistent power: The corded design offers a reliable power source.
  • No need for recharging: Continuous cleaning without interruption.
  • Wider reach: Suitable for larger areas due to extended cord length.

4. How easy is it to clean the water tanks?

Both models utilize a two-tank system, separating clean and dirty water. This makes emptying and cleaning the tanks straightforward. Additionally, the Pet Pro comes with a pet hair strainer for easier tank emptying.

  • Two-tank system: Ensures separation of clean and dirty water.
  • Easy to empty and refill: Designed for user convenience.
  • Pet hair strainer: Only in Pet Pro for efficient tank cleaning.

5. Can they clean carpets as well?

Yes, both the Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro are designed to clean multi-surfaces, including carpets. They have a multi-surface brush roll suitable for various floor types from tiles to carpets.

  • Multi-surface cleaning: Suitable for tiles, rugs, and carpets.
  • Switching mode: Allows transition between floor types.
  • Deep cleaning: Ensures carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

6. Are replacement parts readily available?

Yes, Bissell offers a range of replacement parts for both models. From brush rolls to filters and tanks, they are readily available on their official website or authorized dealers.

  • Easy to find: Replacement parts are widely available.
  • Range of parts: Everything from brushes to filters.
  • Official website: Bissell offers direct purchase options.

7. How do these models handle larger debris?

Both the Crosswave and the Pet Pro have strong suction capabilities. Larger debris, such as cereal or small toys, can be easily picked up, especially with the Pet Pro’s enhanced features for pet messes.

  • Strong suction: Effortlessly picks up larger debris.
  • Pet Pro enhancement: Even more efficient with pet-related messes.
  • Reliable performance: Consistent results across surfaces.

8. Is there any difference in weight between the two models?

Both models are designed with user convenience in mind and are relatively lightweight. However, the specific weight might differ slightly due to the added features in the Pet Pro. It’s always best to check the official specifications for exact weight details.

  • Lightweight design: Ensures easy maneuverability.
  • Slight variations: Due to added features in Pet Pro.
  • User-friendly: Both models can be easily handled during cleaning.

9. How often do I need to change the filters?

The frequency of filter changes depends on usage and the amount of dirt and debris encountered. However, regular checks and cleaning can extend the filter’s lifespan. Bissell recommends replacing the filters every 3-6 months for optimum performance.

  • Depends on usage: More frequent use might require earlier replacements.
  • Regular checks: Helps in extending filter lifespan.
  • Official recommendation: Every 3-6 months for best results.

10. Can I use any cleaning solution with these models?

While both models are compatible with various cleaning solutions, Bissell recommends using their proprietary solutions. The Pet Pro, for instance, comes with a pet formula for efficient cleaning. Using the recommended solution ensures the longevity and efficiency of the machine.

  • Compatibility: Can work with various cleaning solutions.
  • Bissell’s proprietary solutions: Ensure optimum cleaning and machine care.
  • Pet formula: Specialized solution available for Pet Pro.

Summary Table

Point of ComparisonBissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro
Target AudienceGeneral homesHomes with pets
Brush TypeMulti-surfaceTangle-free for pet hair
Extra FeaturesSmart-touch controlsPet formula, Pet hair strainer
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The Bissell Crosswave and the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro are leading contenders in the world of vacuum-mop combos. Both offer robust suction power, efficient water tank systems, and are designed to handle various floor types. The primary difference lies in the Pet Pro’s additional features tailored for households with pets. While neither model is cordless, they provide consistent power due to their corded design. The ease of cleaning the water tanks, ability to tackle carpets, and availability of replacement parts are notable features of both models. The Crosswave models deliver reliable performance even with larger debris, and while both are lightweight, there might be slight variations due to the added features in the Pet Pro. For optimum performance, regular filter changes and use of Bissell’s proprietary cleaning solutions are recommended.

Product Comparison Table

FeatureBissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro
BrushMulti-surface brush rollMulti-surface & pet brush
SuctionStrongEnhanced for pet messes
Water TankTwo-tank systemTwo-tank system with pet hair strainer
Battery LifeCorded, continuous powerCorded, continuous power
Extra FeaturesMulti-surface cleaningPet formula & pet hair strainer
ImageBissell CrosswaveBissell Crosswave Pet Pro